'Toilet' wedding dress ridiculed over confusing detail

Penny Burfitt
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A bride has been trolled over her wedding dress online, after an unfortunate snap of the gown was compared to everything from a shower curtain, to the contents of a toilet bowl.

Reposted by a friend of the bride to a wedding shaming group, the post comes from a bride looking for advice on wedding attire.

Her mind made up on her own look, she sought help instead with her wedding parties dresses.

The photo posted by the bride was shared, and derided, online. photo: Facebook

“Looking for a colour bridesmaid dress that would go with my dress,” the woman wrote alongside an image of the dress.

The photo shows off the woman’s choice of a multi-shaded brown number featuring multiple tiers and fabrics.

Confusion over tiered base

The unusual bridal attire was rather unfortunately posed against a bathroom backdrop that included an open toilet that may have played a part in the toilet humour comments that ensued, and it was the unusual layering at the base of the dress that had people truly bamboozled.

“At first glance, I thought it was a camo cocktail dress with a brown shower curtain behind it below,” the confused onlooker wrote.

Another agreed, posing more specific questions about the unusual stricture of the gown.

“What is happening at the bottom of the dress? Like... did they run out of sticks and leaves? Did they sew a rug into this dress? Why does this dress have a bed skirt? Actually, a few bed skirts. I don’t know what’s going on here,” she wrote.

While it is an easy mistake a closer glance confirms the dress is in fact a triple-tiered number as outlined in my scientific diagram below.

As demonstrated here, the dress involves a patterned first layer, with a tulle underskirt, and a trailing third layer to round out the look. Photo: Facebook

Others understood the dress, but that certainly didn’t mean they approved.

“Look, the solution to your problem is right behind you,” one wrote. “Sh*t belongs in the toilet.”

“That is frightening. Bedsheet or comforter?” another agreed.

The camouflage adjacent pattern predictably sparked a flurry of jokes about the dress blending into it’s background as (assumedly) intended.

“Wait what dress? I don’t see anything?” one woman asked.

A few made some attempt to answer the woman’s question, sharing some suggestions for what bridesmaids could wear.

“Bags, like the trash variety, to match the trash theme,” one woman wrote.

“I definitely think the bridesmaid dresses should be pink camo,” another wrote.

A final simply shared a photo of a potential look for the wedding party.

One person's suggestion for a bridesmaid dress. Photo: Facebook

It’s not the first time a camo-style wedding dress has been torn to shreds online.

Earlier this year a more traditional take on the camo was obliterated in a similar Facebook moment, the kindest description of the gown being simply, ‘unforgettable’.

To avoid a similar faux pas it’s worth a peruse online where more traditional takes on the wedding gown can be found.

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