Second-hand camo wedding dress raises eyebrows

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
This wedding dress look isn't for everyone. Photo: Facebook

A wedding dress that seemingly mixes a few different styles has raised eyebrows online.

The traditional white dress, featuring camouflaged material accents, as well as lace detailing, was posted for sale on Facebook for a very affordable $75USD, before the ad was shared to a wedding shaming group.

People were quick to share their thoughts on the bridal outfit, which looked to be for sale at a yard sale as well.

“At least it is somewhat cheap on price (and looks),” was one person’s cheeky comment.

The dress was for sale online and at a yard sale. Photo: Facebook

“Do they buy the dress like that or is it altered?” another asked. “If they’re buying it [this way] what damn bridal shop is selling this nonsense.”

“This looks like an octo-person,” a third added.

“When you don’t want anyone to see you get married,” was another person’s response.

One person revealed a friend had worn the same dress to her school formal, while some tried to be more positive.

“What an unforgettable wedding dress though,” one comment read.

“I mean it’s a lot better than all the ones I’ve seen posted [online],” another mused.

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