'Amazing' Bunnings and Woolies stovetop makeover: 'Looks new'

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A woman has been praised online after sharing her incredible stovetop transformation hack.

For anybody with plate covers that look rusty and worn after years of use, this dazzling makeover will no doubt wow you.

Dirty stovetop
A woman has shared her incredible stovetop transformation. Photo: Facebook

The woman took to a Facebook cleaning page to reveal how she managed to transform her stovetop using just a few products from Bunnings, Woolies and eBay. 

“It may have taken a bit of effort, but seeing it look this good is so satisfying,” the woman wrote alongside three images of her stovetop before and after the makeover.


Clean stovetop
She used products from Bunnings and Woolies to clean the stovetop. Photo: Facebook
New stovetop covers from Ebay
Then she bought new covers for the stovetop from Ebay. Photo: Facebook

After people asked her how she did it, the woman explained that she used Ajax wipes and Bar Keepers Friend from Woolworths for the stainless steel.

She then used Hillmark ShineOn Solid Hotplate Protector from Bunnings for the hotplates and she bought new covers from Ebay for $20.

People online were seriously impressed with the transformation, with one person exclaiming: “What kind of witchcraft is this?”

"Looks amazing," another person said, with a third writing: "That is just incredible. It looks brand new."

It comes after a TikTok user recently left people gobsmacked with an incredibly simple cleaning hack, for those notoriously difficult to clean old-school electric stove top and oven combos.

"I know somebody in the world doesn’t know this," she said in the clip, demonstrating how she lifts the top section and holds it up in place with two stands.

"That’s how you clean under this. My mom never taught me, so I have to assume that y’alls mommas probably didn’t teach you either that this thing lifts up like a car hood."

Check out the video above to see how it's done. 

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