'Can't be': Mind-blowing TikTok oven cleaning hack goes viral

If you haven't yet discovered #cleantok you're probably missing out, with new cleaning hacks blowing up almost every day.

The latest is from TikToker Taira Goy, who recently left people gobsmacked with an incredibly simple cleaning hack, for those notoriously difficult to clean old-school electric stove top and oven combos.

oven cleaning hack on tiktok
This woman's oven trick is blowing peoples minds. Photo: TikTok

Sharing her discovery on the popular video sharing platform, Taira showed off how she gets to the nitty-gritty part underneath the old cooktop.

"I know somebody in the world doesn’t know this," she said in the clip, demonstrating how she lifts the top section and holds it up in place with two stands.


"That’s how you clean under this. My mom never taught me, so I have to assume that y’alls mommas probably didn’t teach you either that this thing lifts up like a car hood."

The discovery has since clocked up 3.4M views on TikTok, with plenty of people sharing their shock at the relatively unknown trick.

"WHAT! It’s 3am and I’m getting up to check this out," was one response.

Someone else, who also has the same kind of oven was blown away after trying it. "There’s no way," he said. "It can’t be. I can’t keep learning things like this."

TikTok oven cleaning hack
The cleaning hack has been viewed 3.4M times. Photo: TikTok

A few however did warn that not all ovens are the same.

"I wasn’t told, but I found out the hard way thinking I broke my stove in my first apartment when I was 17," one person warned.

"Not all of them do this so please y’all, if it’s too hard to pull, your stove probably doesn’t do it. Some are meant to keep all the spills on top," another pointed out.

It's important to always check the manufacturer’s instructions on your own model before attempting the TikTok cleaning hack.

It's not the first time an oven cleaning hack has gone viral online. Back in 2020, one woman shared the product that had saved her a lot of time and effort when it came to cleaning her oven.

"Never endorsed a product but this stuff is amazing! My oven was disgusting and I sprayed this stuff on the door (just because I didn’t have time to clean it with 'proper' oven cleaner... well, imagine the worst oven you could imagine and mine was that bad," she wrote on Facebook, alongside a photo of her sparkling clean oven and Fairy Dishwashing Spray from Woolworths.

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