Comedian impersonates Bunnings, Aldi and Kmart workers in hilarious video

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A Melbourne comedian has the internet in stitches after posting a series of videos parodying workers at stores such as Bunnings, Aldi and Kmart. 

Samantha Andrew has amassed nearly 84,000 followers on TikTok with her hilarious videos, which show her impersonating sales assistants from a number of iconic shops around the country. 

Samantha Andrew has parodied workers at some of Australia's most well-known shops. Photo: Tik Tok/@samanthandrew1

The 25-year-old’s skit includes takes of staff at shops like Lush, Spotlight, Gorman Typo and Glue, with Samantha dishing out some hilarious one-liners to go with an array of impressive outfits. 

“Welcome to Valley Gil our clothes could disintegrate at any moment,” she smiles in one video while in another she says: “This will not taste the same as when you make it at home as our samples in store but this one’s yours,” while parodying a T2 worker.

People have been raving about the videos online, with many commenting saying they work at those stores and her impressions couldn’t be better.

Samantha's videos have earned her a legion of fans. Photo: Tik Tok/@samanthandrew1
Samantha nails the stressful process of checking out at Aldi. Photo: Tik Tok/@samanthandrew1

“The accuracy is impeccable,” one person commented, while another said: “I work at Bunnings, can confirm.”

Samantha, who draws on Aussie nostalgia for her footage, had 2.1 million likes on TikTok and previously told Punkee that she can’t believe the reaction her videos have received online. 

“I think nostalgia and throwback comedy brings people together,” she said. 

She also goes a great impression of a Bunnings worker. Photo: Tik Tok/@samanthandrew1

“It’s a great way to start a pretty busy comment section, with people either screaming about how read to filth they feel by the video or they can talk about how their experience differs.

“I think we also love to laugh at ourselves and how life was like when we were younger.”

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