Didn't get your hands on Aldi's cookware? Kmart's got you covered

It’s the Aldi Special Buy that caused a frenzy over the weekend when it went on sale but if you didn’t manage to get your hands on the retail giant’s cookware then worry not, because Kmart’s here to save the day.

The store’s $25 cast iron Crofton cooking range hit shelves in Aldi on Saturday morning, with pictures showing a heap of people queuing up to snap up the range, which is widely considered a budget version, or ‘dupe’, of $400 French brand Le Creuset.

Alsi logo
Aldi sparked a frenzy over the weekend with their special buys. Photo: Getty Images
Aldi cookware
The store’s $25 cast iron Crofton cooking range has been called a dupe of a famous French brand. Photo: Supplied

Thrilled Aldi shoppers who managed to get their hands on the range, which features cast iron saucepans, pots and skillets, couldn’t contain their excitement online, sharing how they’d scooped up one of the sell-out items.

However, others weren’t so lucky, with many asking for tips online on where they can bag one of the hot commodities.

“I missed out on a white Dutch oven. I only wanted the one piece,” one frustrated shopper wrote, with another writing; “I went to Hurstville Aldi today. Not a single item there!!!”

K mart store in  Perth suburb of Innaloo, Western Australia. K mart  is part of the Wesfarmers group.
However, Kmart have a similar pot on their website
Kmart blue cast iron pot
The pot has been called 'fantastic' by people who have used it. Photo: Kmart

But it turns out Aldi isn’t the only shop spruiking affordable alternatives to the cast iron pots by luxe French brand Le Creuset.

Kmart’s $29 cheap and cheerful 24cm deep, 4L blue cast iron casserole pot has received rave reviews online, with people calling it ‘fantastic’ and just as good as top range cast iron cookware.

“After an unfortunate accident, my Le Creuset cast iron casserole pot was thrown out,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“I was pretty skeptical when I saw this $29 Kmart dupe, but it cooks wonderfully. Today I made an incredibly fluffy & crusty sourdough. For 5% the price of the Le Creuset, it’s a worthwhile investment.”

Others agreed, wit one person saying they’ve had the blue pot for years and it’s still in perfect condition.

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