Bunnings $10 glass cooktop cleaning item sending Aussies wild: '100% recommend'

Make your kitchen cooktop sparkle with this nifty hack.

Keeping a glass cooktop streak-free is arguably one of the most painstakingly annoying kitchen cleaning jobs.

So when one Aussie recently asked for advice in ridding her new induction cooktop of rings from her pots and pans it’s no surprise the internet had a lot of advice on how to accomplish the tedious task.

Seeking advice from the popular cleaning advice group, Mums Who Clean Facebook page the woman was inundated with tips and tricks.

glass cooktop
New to induction cooking the woman had some questions about how to eliminate these rings opn her new cooktop. Source: Facebook

“OMG! How do you clean this so there are no ring marks?” She asked the group of over 367,000 members.

“Brand new house and I can’t get them off! I have never had a cooktop like this.”

Her common question prompted close to 200 responses with one popular Bunnings product seemingly coming out on top.

An overwhelming amount of people said they "100 per cent" recommend Cerapol - a $10 Bunnings product which many suggested was a "brilliant" way to keep the easily marked glass smudge-free.

“Cerapol works best...but use it after the cooktop has cooled down,” one person advised with another agreeing, adding “Cerapol works very well.”

Dozens of others offered up the same advice, with the secret to really cleaning it well being to additionally use a $10 cooktop scraper also available at Bunnings.

"The scraper is your best friend! Make sure the blade is clean and undamaged and wipe each use so you get the best scrape," one impressed person wrote.

"My glass cooktop is 15 years old and while it has some scratching from things, it’s got no rings at all thanks to this, and I am not one of those people who cleans things straight after they use them."

“Another vote for Cerapol and scraper,” another person offered with another saying, “I used Cerapol and if necessary a scraper."


Used alongside one another the scraper, which is suitable to use on ceramic glass surfaces, removes stains and baked-on spills while the Cerapol product leaves the cooktop surface shiny and streak-free.

The product received similar glowing praise across multiple online reviews as well with an average rating of 4.9 out of five stars.

Cerapol from Bunnings
Using Cerapol is as easy as applying to the cooktop, leaving it to penetrate the stains and then wiping clean. Source: Facebook/Bunnings

“I had some marks on a fairly new cooktop which looked permanent. Cerapol removed them easily...great result!” one person’s review on the Bunnings website read.

“I have been using this cleaner on my induction stove tops for over 14 years now, and wouldn't change to anything else,” said another.

Some shoppers also advised they picked up the magic cooktop cleaner at their local supermarket too.

But even if cleaning the cooktop with a top-notch cleaner isn’t your thing, some members of the group offered up yet another hack for fuss-free induction cooking.

“I use special circular induction mats under my saucepans and frypans to prevent this and scratches- from Japan,” one person offered, saying she had found similar silicon mats on Amazon.

“No advice but we have special mats on ours to avoid this. Ours is three years old and no marks thanks to the mats,” another confirmed.

A third person also praised the silicon mat idea adding that they definitely “protect induction cooktops” leaving little to clean up after cooking.

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