Big W $35 item shoppers love for removing condensation on windows

If your windows and doors are covered in condensation first thing in the morning, this product might be the answer.

A $35 cleaning product from Big W is winning the hearts of shoppers this winter as a simple solution to combat the persistent seasonal problem of condensation on windows.

Seeking advice from fellow members of a popular Australian house cleaning Facebook group, an Aussie woman shared a photo of her heavily fogged-up bedroom windows, after tips on how to effectively remove the moisture buildup.

condensation buildup on a window
The group member's photo reveals condensation buildup on the windows of her home. Photo: Facebook/Mums Who Clean

Among the array of recommendations from group members, ranging from costly humidifiers to the quick fix of wedging windows open, one solution stood out for its affordability and positive user feedback.


While some praised the K'Archer Window Vac, which can cost over $100 depending on the model, for its water removal capabilities, others emphasised the efficacy of the more budget-friendly Vax Window Cleaner from Big W.

Currently priced at a reduced $35 (originally $89), the affordable product garnered praise from numerous satisfied group members.

Big Vax Window Cleaner
The Big W website describes the Vax Window Cleaner as a compact and lightweight window cleaner to provide a streak and drop free clean. Photo: Big W

"I agree with the window vac," one woman wrote, before revealing she found the cheaper Big W alternative to be equally efficient compared to the pricier K'Archer version.

Others chimed in to express agreement, with one person stating, "Second this," and a third simply writing "this!!"

Common problem

The issue of condensation seemed to be a common problem among the group members, as many shared their own experiences and remedies.

One member pinpointed the lack of air circulation as a potential cause of condensation, emphasising the importance of opening windows in the house to allow heat to escape, preventing the buildup of moisture that can lead to mould formation.

Dehumidifiers were a popular suggestion, with one user saying after purchasing one they "couldn't believe how many litres of moisture it sucked from the air" when used in their house.

Another member shared their positive experience with a dehumidifier purchased from Harvey Norman, describing it as "worth every cent", with another adding theirs was the, "best investment ever."

Dehumidifier from Big W, $369, Bunnings moisture absorber container, $4.98
Dehumidifier from Big W priced at $369, alongside the budget-friendly Bunnings moisture absorber container, available for $4.98. Photos: Big W/Bunnings

While dehumidifiers can be effective, it's worth noting that even the cheaper options range in price, starting from mini versions priced at $75 and larger models reaching closer to $370.

Other group members suggested a much cheaper alternative saying moisture containers "are a great help," and can be purchased at a very low cost, making them a practical and accessible solution for managing moisture-related issues.

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