TV star Brooke Burke, 49, surprise secret to ageless beauty

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Former Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke is turning 50 this year but the veteran of TV and magazines doesn’t look a day over 25.

The US host and fitness enthusiast is a mum of four and hosted the US Dancing with the Stars for three years after winning the competition in 2008.

Brooke Burke 49 wows in bikini photo
Brooke Burke has revealed the surprising secrets to her ageless looks at 49. Photo: Instagram/ brookeburke

Now the TV regular runs her own fitness app, and regularly wows her 446, 000 followers with her age-defying bikini snaps, and active lifestyle.

This week, the celebrity opened up about two of the big secrets that keep her young in mind and body.


Speaking to The Daily Mail, Brooke revealed its the rest, and not the workout that helps keep her young.

“I work out five times a week and those other two days I relax,” she reveals. “It's important to have downtime to collect yourself and give yourself a break. On your days off, just take a stroll in your neighbourhood, enjoy it.”

Brooke Burke Dancing with the stars
Brooke is best known for her time hosting Dancing with the Stars. Photo: ABC

Those who love to unwind on the weekend without the help of a treadmill will be delighted with the news from the impossibly fit Brooke.

The other thing she puts her glow down to is her use of intermittent fasting.

“It is one of the easiest ways to lose weight,” she told the online publication. “If you can stay in that time frame you have a big advantage.”

Intermittent fasting is described as an ‘eating pattern’ rather than a diet.

The method doesn’t restrict what you can eat, but rather when you can eat it, dictating windows of time in which you must fast, and times you can eat.

Brooke Burke intermittent fasting
The star puts her ageless skin down to her love for intermittent fasting. Photo: Instagram/ brookeburke

The most popular versions include the 5:2 in which you eat normally for five days and reduce to a quarter of your intake on two days.

The 16/8 method is another highly popular one in which you are given an eight-hour window during the day in which you can eat, and you are required to fats for the remaining 16 hours.

Brooke says she opts for the 16/8 method, which can easily be incorporated into the daily routine.

It all seems to pay off for the stunner, who boasts an impressive 446,000 followers on her Instagram who are regularly floored by her incredible poolside snaps.

“Super gorgeous,” one fan commented on a recent snap of the mum.

“What is your secret formula????” another wondered. “You’re [friggen] perfect.”

Brooke is one of several famous celebs who are killing it in their 40s and 50s.

US superstar J Lo is another mum and celeb who wows fans with her age-defying looks.

At 51-years-old the singer seems impossibly fit, regularly wowing fans with her gym-ready body and amazing skin.

Another star who has a similar effect on her followers in Amanda Holden who at 49 is an absolute show stopper, still regularly turning up the heat online with saucy swimsuit snaps.

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