Kmart shopper transforms old sideboard for under $50: 'Absolutely beautiful'

The woman shared her handy work online and wowed fellow Aussies.

If you think restoring old furniture is a pricey project, think again. One clever woman has shown how to do it for half the price thanks to Kmart.

Spending just $47 and putting in a few hours of work, she was able to turn a tired old timber sideboard into a stunning talking point in her home.

Describing how she put together the “afternoon project”, the woman said she used all products from the Home Living range at Kmart for her impressive DIY.

The mini-restoration was completed using the $3.50 vinyl adhesive in oak wood, $6 handles, $12 vinyl floor tiles and $10 sage green furniture paint.

Kmart furniture transform

Explaining the process, she said that it was an easy makeover and couldn’t believe how real the vinyl looked like timber.

“The top is just the vinyl roll. No machinery was used, just a light sanding pad from Bunnings,” she said.

“I sanded the surface first, washed the dust off with sugar soap and then used a microfibre cloth to dry it down. Stuck like a gem.”

She added that she used the stick-on vinyl floor tiles to cover the glass panels enhancing the refreshed contemporary style.

Kmart furniture transform

Aussies impressed by amazing results: 'Great job'

Sharing her new piece on the Kmart fan's Facebook page, others were equally impressed with the stunning results.

“Wow!.. I can’t believe it was under $40 AND that u completed in a day!! Sooo good!!” One person responded.


“Absolutely beautiful. Great job. I’m now motivated to do something similar with mine,” another added.

“Oh wow, what a great revamp you have given it,” a third stated.

Others complimented her colour choices, perfectly matching the green paint and stick-on tiles, with one saying it “looked great” and another commenting that it was “too beautiful for words”.

Apart from showing her piece a lot of love, several others agreed that the Kmart home decorating range was definitely delivering the goods - particularly the chalk paint.

Kmart furniture transform
The Kmart home living range has been popular since it launched with affordable DIY products. Photo: Kmart

“How nice is the Kmart paint?! I’ve just been using the pink (my sons are mortified!), and it’s lovely, better than the exxy Bunnings stuff,” one person offered about her own furniture respiration.

The Kmart home DIY range has been sending shoppers into a spin since its launch and has seen several savvy and cost-effective home renovations.

Apart from restoring furniture, shoppers have totally transformed rooms around the house, from the kitchen to living areas.

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