'So clever!': Old-school kitchen storage hack makes a comeback

A mum has taken to social media with a very clever storage hack, that is being hailed by many as a genius storage saver, but it seems the trick might not be as original as she initially thought.

Anyone who has rifled through a spice cabinet, or knocked over the mess of containers in a garden shed will know that storing small bottles of items can be a major space-waster and a nightmare to navigate, not least because it’s impossible to see what you’re dealing with.

Kitchen station with jars hanging from lids nailed into shelf storage retro hack
The mum shared a very simple, but clever solution to the crowded spice jar shelf so many are sick of dealing with. Photo: Facebook

No wonder this particular lady was thrilled to discover a very simple and clever way of solving her spice storage woes.

Snaps found online show that attaching jars to hang below a surface from their lids is the perfect way to optimise visibility and space in your storage.

Using just a couple of nails and a screwdriver, a jar’s lid should be attached to the underside of a shelf, and the jar then closed in on it, leaving the jar securely hanging with its contents on full display.

Return of a hack-tastic classic

Shed with jars hanging from lids displaying nails and bolts hack
Many recognised the storage trick as a staple of sheds all over Australia from decades ago. Photo: Facebook

The hack left many gobsmacked but while many others were impressed, they did point out that in fact, the hack was anything but new.

It seems many a grandfather and dad was already in on the trick as far back as the 1940s, with the storage system a favourite in garden shed and garages all over the nation.


“My dad did this 30 years ago,” one onlooker wrote. “For his nails etc in his shed.”

“Grandfather was doing this since the 40s!” another wrote.

“What is old is new again,” another pointed out.

“Old tricks become new again,” another agreed. “My dad had this in his workshop when I was a kid probably 60 years ago.”

Hand puts jar into lid nailed into shelf storage cleaning hack
Those who had used the hack argued it worked a treat for years. Photo: Facebook

Those who had seen the trick in practice argued it was extremely effective, saying it ‘worked a treat’, though many said they couldn’t help but feel anxious at the sight of the hanging glass jars.

“Does this give anyone else crippling anxiety?” one woman wondered. “I couldn’t do it just in case I dropped them trying to screw them in.”

“I love the idea but I would slip and boom its everywhere,” another agreed.

Others loved the idea.

“Gosh people are clever!” one marvelled.

Another promised that not one jar had slipped in years of use.

“Never had a single one fall in years and years,” the woman wrote.

It’s not the first time a clever trick has captured the internet’s imagination.

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