Bride's 'trashy' Covid wedding rules slammed

Anyone who's planning a wedding probably has a long list of things they want on their big day - perhaps they don't want children there, or maybe they've requested guests not wear a certain colour . Whatever it may be, it's your special day and you should do as you please.

That is, unless you're living in the US, where Covid is sadly still rampant, and you're encouraging people to attend your wedding without masks or a vaccine.

bride and groom in a face protection mask
A bride has gone viral on Facebook after saying she didn't care if people wore masks or had received their Covid vaccines at her wedding. Photo: Getty

Someone, who appeared to be a bride from the States, commented on a post that read: "What are some rules y'all are having at [your] weddings?"

The commenter wrote: "Put on your best blue jeans and button-up shirt, no masks or vaccines required, bring the kids, the dog whoever you'd like, take all the pictures you'd like but don't post any bad pics of me, and for Pete's sake take a shot or a toke and let's party."


One Facebook user screenshot the comment and shared it in a group, captioning it: "Appalled at the first response. Unfortunately, others after it were not much better."

"For the record I’m irritated by the lack in judgment," they added.

The rules were labelled as 'trashy' on Facebook. Photo: Facebook
The rules were labelled as 'trashy' on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

"After that they can have a few more shots to forget the guilt of all the people they've killed with their superspreader event," one user wrote.

"How tacky," another added.

"I’m not a 'huge fan' of masks," someone else said. "I mean who really enjoys wearing a mask? But I wear my mask everywhere as I’m supposed to and would never have a social gathering without requiring masks. My grandparents lives are more important to me than someone not wanting a piece of cloth on their face."

"So her rule is no rules?" one joked.

Beautiful bride in a wedding dress with a medical protective mask in her hands, on a pink background. Quarantine, wedding, coronavirus
Many other brides who were doing the right thing and having masks at their wedding commented about how angry the post made them. Photo: Getty

"As someone who's getting married next month and has been bending over BACKWARDS to create a small event that will be safe and follow regulations, this pisses me off to no end," another wrote.

"God forbid you take a bad pic for the Internet but spreading a terrible illness is no big [deal]!!!!" someone else pointed out.

"I bet the food at that wedding sucks. Not worth getting Covid for," someone commented, with another agreeing, adding, "If there is any."

Many others added that they had been following all the rules set in place by their state and to see posts like this is very disappointing.

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