Mother-in-law shocks in 'revealing' white gown at wedding

A mother-in-law's 'revealing' outfit choice for a wedding has sparked heated debate online with some slamming the family member for attempting to 'outshine' the bride.

Taking to a Reddit wedding shaming thread a photo was shared of the woman's sheer white gown, as she posed alongside the bride and groom.

mother in law wears sheer white gown to wedding
The MIL (R) poses with the bride and groom. Photo: Reddit

The poster, who was a guest at the wedding in questions, shared the image, captioning it with: "Went to a wedding and the MIL wore this ... would you be okay with it?"

Plenty of people couldn't believe the dress choice.


"It's ... a wedding dress. Also more revealing than the bride's dress, hitting two no-nos with one stone," one person said.

While another said: "Oh good lord. She’s just making a fool of herself. I would frame the photo and give it to her to take to work."


A few tried to be a bit more diplomatic about the outfit choice, pointing out that at the end of the day it is simply a formal gown, and perhaps the bride was ok with the look.

"It’s actually a white formal gown but it could also be worn as a wedding dress. "Had it been in a different colour, like navy, it wouldn’t have been so bad," one person said.

"Maybe she just looks really really good in white," another defended the MIL.

"What's the problem? It's a dress? Apparently I don't understand the nuances to something like weddings," another wrote.

It comes after another bride-to-be took to Facebook to ask for advice about a wedding guest's 'tacky' outfit choice, before the shocking scenario was then also shared to Reddit.

"I'm getting married in March and someone in my partner's family is wearing white even though we asked no one to wear white on the day," the woman wrote.

"They are being very difficult and not willing to change it. I've said I don't want them there now as they are just looking to cause trouble... But I don't want to do that to my partner."

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