Bride's shock split from groom on wedding day: 'Heartbreaking'

A jilted bride has detailed the heartbreaking moment she was dumped on her wedding day as she was ghosted by her husband-to-be.

Kayley Stead posted a TikTok revealing she went ahead with her wedding anyway, despite the groom never showing up to say 'I do'.

"So I was a jilted bride and unfortunately s**t things happen to people," she captioned a video of her partying with friends at her wedding reception.

"Even though the day didn't go to plan, I couldn't let the hard work that I put into this day and a good party go to waste.

"The day was filled when many laughs and a lot of tears."

Kayley Stead celebrates at her wedding without her groom.
The jilted bride said the day was full of a lot of laughs and tears. Source: TikTok

The TikTok video shows her taking a shot of alcohol, her bridal party celebrating as they enter the reception before the bride and her cutting the cake with the help of friends.

The brave bride opened up to British morning show This Morning about her decision to continue the celebrations despite being jilted by her partner of almost four years.

Appearing on the show in her wedding dress, Kayley said she was blindsided by the groom's decision.

"I honestly believed our [relationship was perfect], we were each other's person," she said.

"I always dreamed of marrying Sleeping Beauty's prince, and he looked exactly like that and the way that we met was all serendipitous ... I thought it was fate."


Kayley discovered she was being jilted after one of her bridesmaids received a phone call from her husband, who was one of the groomsmen.

"He called me and said that he's left, and I thought, 'Stop joking with me'," bridesmaid Jordie Cullen told the program.

"He had to tell me about four times that he really had gone and taken his car and everything."

Jordie gathered up the other bridesmaids to discuss how they were going to break the news to Kayley.

Kayley Stead poses in a garden in her wedding dress.
Kayley Stead still posed for wedding photos despite her groom never showing up. Source: ITV

"We all decided that it was best just to tell her so she could make her decision then," she said.

The brides sister added it was "heartbreaking".

Kayley said she wasn't panicking at first, as her partner often went for long walks and drives if he needed a moment to himself.

"I asked his dad if he could just check on him ... his dad then rung me ... he just said, 'Kayley I'm sorry, he's safe, but he's four hours away'," she said.

"We had an hour to get married, so I knew."

Instead of falling in a heap like any jilted bride would, Kayley then made the bold decision to go ahead with the wedding.

"The fact that everybody stayed meant more to me than anything else and I just wanted to kind of celebrate that," she said.

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