Bride 'furious' after groomsman's shocking prank: 'Horrible'

A groomsman has been slammed after playing a ‘horrible’ prank on a bride the night before the wedding.

The bride-to-be received a floral arrangement with a simple card that read: ’I don’t’.

A bride and groom wiping away tears at their wedding
The bride was upset when she received the ominous note. Photo: Getty

A wedding planner shared the story on Facebook, saying that she ‘panicked’ after the bride called her in the middle of the night.

“I’m in bed panicking and scramble to locate and contact groom. I get through to his number (he was sleeping hungover), as I had been, and slept through missed calls ‘apparently’.

“He’s annoyed and confused. I think my words were ‘John what is going on? Why send flowers like that?’,” she recalled.

“Turns out one of his groomsman had sent them as a joke. Like a stag party joke. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was furious. So yeah, the entire bridal party had less than three hours sleep before the big day, myself included. It was an intense day.”


“The amount of f**ed up s**t I’ve seen at weddings is unreal,” she added.

People were shocked by the ‘really mean’ joke, with one labelling it as ‘horrible’.

“That person would be dead to us, and certainly my husband and if that wasn’t a dealbreaker for him too I’d get that annulled so effing fast,” added a second.

“I NEED to believe that groomsman was immediately kicked out of the wedding party and dumped as a friend. What a s**tty thing to do,” wrote a third.

“After having my own wedding…groomsmen are literally some of the worst people,” another pointed out.

Others said that the ‘joke’ could mean that her fiancé’s friends didn’t like her.

“Not sure I’d get married after that. People are ‘joking’ when they’re confronted, his friends secretly hate her,” one remarked.

“Oh, there would not have been a wedding that morning. There would have been a murder instead,” said another.

“It is incredibly impressive no one murdered the groomsman,” a third quipped.

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