Bride's 'nightmare' wedding dress divides opinion

A bride has taken to social media to vent after a designer 'royally screwed up' her dream wedding dress just days before her big day, making the lead-up extremely stressful.

“The designer I hired to make my dream dress royally screwed up,” the woman wrote in a Facebook post that was later shared in a private wedding group.

Photo of a woman wearing an ill-fitting blue gown
A bride's 'nightmare' wedding dress has divided online opinion. Photo: Facebook.

“I was left with this piece on Monday, August 31, for my Sunday, September 6, wedding," she added.

To illustrate her point, she shared several photos of herself wearing the offending garment which is a far cry from the blue, strapless gown in her 'inspiration' pic.

The 'custom' dress appears poorly made, ill-fitting and even unfinished in some places such as the back zipper.

“Thankfully a fellow trader saved the day and I had a wearable dress on the Friday (not anxiety-inducing at all)," she said.


A screenshot of a facebook post by a bride who claims a designer ruined her wedding dress
She wants to get rid of the 'disaster' as it caused her so much stress. Photo: Facebook.

'Nightmare dress' up for grabs

Now, she wants someone to take the 'nightmare dress' off her hands as it sparks bad memories.

“I still have this disaster in my closet reminding me of one of the biggest sources of stress throughout the process (this includes COVID)," the woman explained.

“I have a nightmare of a dress to trade and would love it out of my home as soon as possible,” she added.

It's unclear how much the woman was asking for the dress or if she was offering it for free, however, she does suggest that "someone can make use of the fabric".

Reactions to the bride's dress drama were mixed on Facebook, with many users taking aim at the dressmaker for their lacklustre efforts.

"At what point did the dressmaker look at the boob part and think 'yep! That looks great! She's gonna love it!'" wrote one user in the comments.

A model wearing a blue strapless gown by La Femme Fashion.
The bride's 'inspiration' dress was by La Femme Fashion. Photo: La Femme Fashion.

"Why say you’re qualified for the job if you can’t even execute the job?! Waste of time, money and materials," said another.

"That seamstress did her dirty," added a third.

Others just couldn't get over how disappointing the final product looked.

"Oh my god that’s an abomination," one wrote while another quipped, "She got the Wish version of the dress."

One user wondered why the bride chose to have a bespoke dress made when her inspiration dress was rather affordable.

"The original dress cost $338. How much could she have possibly saved by taking a risk and having someone make it custom?" one asked.

Photos of a woman wearing an ill-fitting blue gown
She claims the dressmaker 'royally screwed up' her dream gown. Photo: Facebook.

Another accused the bride of ordering a 'knockoff' dress, saying that she was only getting what she deserved but was swiftly shut down by the bride herself.

“This was a local designer who overestimated her abilities, over-promised what she could deliver, procrastinated, ordered the wrong fabric but didn’t tell me and moved forwards anyways," she stated.

A third commenter went as far as to say that the bride had received her comeuppance for getting married during a pandemic and requesting a dressmaker copy another designer's work.

"This is total karma for 1. Having a wedding during a pandemic and 2. Asking someone to make a dress “inspired by” someone else’s design. If you want the dress, buy it, sweetheart," they wrote.

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