Bride stranded by NSW floods shares breathtaking wedding photos

Kate Fotheringham made headlines over the weekend when she desperately put out a call for anyone to help her over floodwaters to her wedding ceremony in the mid-north coast of NSW.

The 30-year-old pregnant bride spent the night before her wedding apart from her husband Wayne Bell, 33, not expecting the 250mm of rain that fell during the night, which resulted in her having no way of making the five-minute journey to her wedding location.

Bride and groom kiss in front of flood waters
A bride who was stranded on her wedding day due to flooding has shared the incredible photos taken on the day. Photo: Supplied/Amanda Hibbard

Kate wasn't about to let the bad weather get in the way of her big day and after putting a call out for help on Twitter her prayers were answered and she was picked up by a helicopter.

Affinity Helicopters arrived to take the bride to the venue at the nearby showgrounds in Wingham.


She made it to the wedding venue and her father Peter walked her down the aisle, a great feat considering he had recently broken his spine in three places along with both of his legs in October last year.

Taking to Twitter, Kate shared an update along with a breathtaking photo from her wedding day, she wrote, "Update, I made it to the church and married the love of my life! Affinity Helicopters in Port Macquarie came to the rescue and made sure we all got there. This is the bridge that blocked us from making the 5minute drive into town! What a day!"

The photo, shot by Amanda Hibbard, was taken in front of the flooded bridge that prevented Kate from driving to the wedding.

Kate Fotheringham and Wayne Bell with their bridal party
Kate Fotheringham made headlines over the weekend after a cry for help for someone to help her cross floodwaters to make it to her wedding location. Photo: Supplied/Amanda Hibbard

One user responded, "Some people believe if it rains on your wedding day you'll have lots of good luck. If that's true, you two will have the happiest, loveliest marriage! Congrats!"

"Congratulations Kate and Wayne," another added. "A wonderful story from so much devastation. May you both enjoy a very happy marriage from here on."

"That's a wedding photo no one else will have," someone else wrote. "Congrats and thanks to all involved in making it happen. (Maybe not mother nature).

"Congratulations! So pleased to hear you made it," another said. "Got to be one of the most amazing wedding photos ever! Crossing fingers the anniversary photo has a different background!!"

Kate Fotheringham and Wayne Bell kiss on their wedding day
Kate called the experience "surreal", adding she and Wayne were "so grateful" to tie the knot despite the challenges they faced. Photo: Supplied/Amanda Hibbard

Many others shared their congratulations, while some called it a fairy tale ending to the story.

Kate called the experience "surreal", adding she and Wayne were "so grateful" to tie the knot despite the challenges they faced.

"It was absolutely crazy, we cried when the helicopter showed up, and then the catering company and my hair stylist cancelled but we managed to find replacements … it was like we were in a movie," she told the Daily Telegraph.

"It was super emotional, and only 80 of our 180 guests could make it but we still had such a fun time, and we’re so grateful to everyone that helped us make it happen."

"The photos turned out amazing, and honestly made an insane day even more meaningful," she said, adding it'll be a wedding their guests won't forget anytime soon.

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