'Very tense': Bride-to-be's unusual surname dilemma

A bride-to-be has opened up about the unusual dilemma she currently faces when it comes to what name she will go by after marrying her fiancé.

Traditionally, women take on their husband's surname once they are married, though these days plenty of couples decided to do things differently if they want to.

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A woman has revealed her first name is the same as her future husband's surname. Photo: Getty

But one woman has shared the reason why she doesn't want to change her surname once she is married, even though it is causing some problems between the pair.

Taking to Reddit to share her story, the woman said she would normally have no issue taking her husband’s surname – except in this case, his surname is the exact same as her first name.

“I’ve been with my fiancé now for four years we are very happy together,” she wrote.

“We will be married this year but there is one issue - my first name and his surname are the same. I know, what are the odds right? Well, here we are."


She explains the couple had often joked about how funny it was while they were dating but had never actually had a 'serious conversation'.

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The bride-to-be is now unsure what she should do. Photo: Getty

“Now that things are getting serious, I think I want to keep my maiden name. Normally I would gladly take his surname, I have no problem about it," she continued.

“But I don’t want my first and last name to be the same.

“When I told this to my fiancé, he was visibly sad about it, saying that this surname stuff is really important to his family and he wants to share a surname with me."

The debate has since become an issue with his family claiming she is being 'unreasonable'.

"They think that same first and last names are not a big deal and I should just take the surname,” she said.

“Things were great between everybody and now because of this issue everything has been very tense for a couple of days."

Asking whether she was the one in the wrong, her post sparked thousands of responses, with opinions varying.

“What’s the big deal? It’s fun and a conversation starter,” one person commented.

But others sided with the bride.

“She should call them their names twice every time she sees them to make a point.”

“What does he expect her to do, go by Moon Moon forever? Is she supposed to change her first name? This guy sounds like a major idiot," another agreed.

There were also a few that thought the reaction from his family was a 'red flag'.

“If it is this important to the guy and his family that she change her name against her will, I see that as a big red flag,” one person said.

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