Bride slammed for horrific act after her sister's death: 'Tragic'

A bride has been slammed online after sharing a wedding picture of herself and her new husband.

While it may have looked like a regular wedding announcement, the bride actually married her dead sister’s ex-husband — just two months after she died.

Two screenshots of a bride's Facebook posts celebrating her nuptials.
People were horrified after the bride married her dead sister's husband. Photo: Facebook/That's it, I'm wedding shaming

In the ‘horrific’ caption, she wrote: “I prayed and God answered, in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined. Mr. & Mrs. ~ July 19th!”

“I love you more than life, Mr. Murray!!!”

The groom was involved in a traffic accident in Westville, Arkansas, resulting in his wife and one of their daughters being killed.

The image was posted in a popular Facebook group, with the caption reading: “Y’all…her sister and niece just died TWO months ago in an accident…this is her sister’s husband! Like…they couldn’t have even waited 6 months?"


It wasn’t long before the bride was condemned for her ‘strange’ actions.

“Yes. God killed off your sister and niece so you could have a husband. That is EXACTLY the way God works his miracles. You nailed it sis!” wrote one furious group member.

“I’m more than slightly horrified that her sister’s death was the answer to her prayers. Wtf was she praying for? How accidental was the accident, for real?” another asked.

“So basically she prayed for her sister and niece’s death. Only way she could’ve gotten to basically start fresh with her new man. They were probably having an affair while the poor sister was still around. If I were one of her family members I’d fight and then disown her so f**king fast,” added a third.

“If my sister marries my husband two months after I die, I’m haunting her,” a member quipped.

Some members did offer an alternative opinion, saying that grief can lead people to bond.

“I’m not in on this one. Everyone grieves differently. Maybe they are the type that feels life is too short and nothing is guaranteed so they should live life to the fullest. OR maybe they’re inconsiderate jerks. Either way, it’s a sad story,” one suggested.

“Grief is grief. I’m not going to shame someone for making a choice I don’t think I’d make in the same situation. You do what you have to do to survive after something life-altering like that. Things get messy,” another chimed in.

A nurse who works at the hospital that tended to the family after the crash also gave possible reasons for the quick wedding.

“I remember when this happened, it was a horrible car accident involving an entire family on their way home from church.

“Some in the community suspect the reason for the speedy nuptials is because a) they were already cheating, b) he needed a mom for all those kids, or c) both,” she wrote.

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