Bride devastated by bridesmaid's horrific act: 'Heartbroken'

A bride has been labelled a ‘bridezilla’ after kicking one of her bridesmaids out of her wedding, but the majority of people are siding with the bride.

Taking to the popular online forum Reddit, she explained the messy situation — saying her bridesmaid spilled wine all over her wedding dress right before the ceremony.

A bride in a white lace dress is smiling as 3 bridesmaids in pale pink strapless dresses tend to her
A bride was left 'heartbroken' after her bridesmaid ruined her dress. Photo: Getty

To make matters worse, her dress was extremely sentimental to her, as it belonged to her mother who passed away two years ago.

“I had a big plan to keep it safe from any damage. I would only wear the dress at the wedding itself, and I would switch to a more casual dress for the reception,” she wrote.

The bride swore that she isn’t usually a clean freak, but since it was her mum’s dress, any thought of damage ‘broke her heart’.

“She adored this dress and always dreamed I would wear it. My bridesmaids knew very well about my particularities with the dress. I had a room above the venue where I was getting ready, my dress was hanging in a safe place in the room,” the bride explained.


In the brief amount of time that the bride left the room to check on a wedding matter, one of her bridesmaids managed to spill wine all over the bottom of the dress.

“I started sobbing. My maid of honour called several professional cleaners, and they said there was no way they could get the dress in before the wedding. They told us ways to save the dress until we could get it into them, so my maid of honour started doing that.

“After that call, I became extremely angry. I asked the bridesmaid what the hell she was doing holding red wine so close to my dress when she knew how careful I was being. She dismissed it and said it wasn’t such a big deal,” the bride recalls.

“I called her thoughtless and careless and stupid. I told her that she was no longer part of the wedding and that I wanted her to leave. She left, and neither of us have reached out to the other since.”

In the end, the bride got married in the ‘casual dress’ meant for the reception, and she was ‘heartbroken’ that she didn't get to wear her mum’s dress.

After the bridal party joked to the bride that she was a ‘bridezilla’ for kicking her bridesmaid out for making an ‘honest mistake’, the bride was left reeling and concerned she’d handled the situation wrong.

However, the majority of users agreed with the bride, with many suggesting that the red wine spill wasn’t an accident at all.

“I can’t be the only one who thinks she did this on purpose? I’m incredibly uncoordinated and even I wouldn’t do something like this,” one person wrote.

“I don’t get ‘fake’ friendship. If she didn’t like her or was jealous, why be in the wedding? Why go out of your way to be a b*tch?” one user asked.

“I’m both livid and sad for her,” added a third.

“It wasn’t an accident. I bet the bridesmaids were b*tching about what a ‘bridezilla’ the bride was because of how protective she was of HER DEAD MOTHER’S DRESS and thought it would be hilarious to ‘prank’ the bride by ruining it right before the wedding. The remaining bridesmaids calling her a bridezilla kind of confirms for me that they were all in on it,” another pointed out.

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