Bride slammed for 'banning sex' for her bridal party: ‘Delusional'

A bride has been slammed for a ‘delusional’ X-rated rule for her bridal party, where nobody is permitted to have sex on her wedding day.

The outraged friend detailed that the bride had given the bridal party a list of ‘interesting rules’, saying that the 'no sex' rule was ‘ridiculous’.

A groom lifts his bride up and kisses her with a pale pink sunset in the background
A bride and groom have been ridiculed after their X-rated rule went viral. Photo: Getty

Writing on the online forum Reddit, the bridal party member explained their side of the story.

“I am going to be part of the wedding party at my friend’s upcoming wedding, and they have some interesting rules. Some are about how many drinks the bridesmaids and groomsmen are allowed to have, and when we are allowed to start drinking,” she began.

“This I can understand because they don’t want anyone getting trashed on their day.

“But then they announce that no one is allowed to get laid during their entire wedding weekend! Even if you are there with your significant other!!” the bridesmaid wrote.


The bridal party member then explained that this ‘rule’ only applies to the wedding party, saying that they find it strange because most people ‘want to get laid’ at a wedding.

“Whether you and your significant other find it romantic and want to make love, or you’re single and weddings make you horny.

“Whatever the reason, I feel like that’s a bit ridiculous to try and control your adult friends like that,” she continued.

The bride’s friend added that two consenting adults should be allowed to do what they like in the privacy of their own rooms.

The bridesmaid also pointed out her boyfriend will also be attending the wedding, and while she isn’t ‘desperate to get laid’, the bride has told her she is being ‘selfish’ for questioning the rule.

Unidentified couple on the floor are having sex in a kitchen, with clothes strewn around
People are wondering how the couple will enforce their 'no sex' rule. Photo: Getty

People were shocked by the bride and groom’s demands and were also perplexed as to how the couple planned on monitoring the situation.

“The drinking thing I understand. The not getting intimate would be me dropping out of the wedding party. My private bits meeting my husband’s private bits is nobody’s business but ours,” one wrote.

“I’m really curious to know how they’re going to be able to tell? Do they plan on patrolling the hotel each night and listen at the doors? Of all the stupid things I’ve heard for rules at weddings, this one takes the cake,” another added.

"The bride and groom are delusional. Try to stop me from doing normal things in private," a third wrote.

“This sounds more like a case of jealousy from the bride and/or groom, it’s really odd. ‘This is our special night so we should be the only ones allowed to have sex!’. You’d think what other people are up to would be the furthest thing from your mind on your wedding night,” another mused

Some people even offered suggestions of how the couple would enforce the rule, with one writing: “Hidden cameras in every room with an alarm system. Maybe strobing lights too. A recording that shouts out, ‘Sexual relations warning! Warning only, no genital contact has yet been detected’.”

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