Bride's sister-in-law roasted over 'super tacky' white lace dress

If there’s one rule of wedding guest dressing that everyone knows by now, it’s that you should never upstage the bride by wearing white to her big day.

However, it turns out this bride’s sister-in-law might not have got that memo as she showed up in not just a white dress, but a lace ensemble, which even had a train.

Wedding guest wearing a white bride's wedding dress
Redditors were left shocked when this photo was posted of the groom's sister-in-law at his wedding. Photo: Reddit

The picture of the sister-in-law posing with the groom, her brother, was first posted to a Facebook group and then to Reddit, where needless to say, she was completely roasted for the ‘extreme faux pas’.

“You can not tell me she didn’t buy that at a wedding dress shop! That is a full on wedding dress,’ one person said.

“If someone showed up in this to my wedding they’d be kicked out immediately,” another said.

Bridesmaid in a white wedding dress
People online did some digging and found this image of the sister-in-law posing with the groom. Photo: Reddit

“Two rules at weddings: You don't wear white and you don't wear black. I'd step on the train and watch it rip,” a frustrated commenter said.

Others called her dress “super tacky” and “cringe”.

It seems it’s not the first time something like this has happened, as one commenter relayed the story of how a very similar thing happened at her wedding, with her mother in law.


“My MIL wore a custom made white gown to my wedding. Custom. Made. She could have picked any colour. Was even a similar cut to mine. She said the only colour that looks good on her is white - her daughter got married this weekend and she wore blue so probably not true. She also told me not to worry that she bought a black shawl so we would not "clash in pictures".... her words lol.”

One inquisitive Redditor decided to go on the hunt for the original Facebook posting of the dress and found a picture of the sister-in-law standing beside the bride, who was dressed in a plunging crepe gown.

Photo: Reddit
The original message on Facebook confirms it was the sister-in-law at the wedding. Photo: Reddit

“Looks like that’s the MOH (maid of honour) or a bridesmaid and if it is they would’ve gotten the OK from the bride. I know it’s not common (though it is getting trendy), but I went to a wedding as a kid and all the bridesmaids wore off white,” the commenter said.

Others agreed, with one person asking people to remember Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding, where Pippa Middleton famously wore a white dress.

“Those pictures make it seem like it was clearly a planned thing that the bride was probably okay with. The dress matches the bloke’s ties. It sounds like the one posting to the group is making assumptions without actually knowing anything about the wedding itself,” another commenter said.

Whatever the story is behind the sister-in-law’s dress, it’s certainly caused a debate online.

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