Couple's shock after $30,000 wedding mistake: 'Hilarious'

A couple has made a very surprising discovery while searching for their lost marriage certificate.

US woman Madalyn Boucher explained on TikTok she was trying to get her husband on a healthcare program through the military but needed their marriage certificate to prove they were legally bound.

She said she had looked everywhere for it but figured she must have thrown it away, but then things took a turn when her husband found their marriage license.

"So this is the marriage license, and that's the portion that the officiant was supposed to send to the probate court to legitimise our marriage," she frantically yelled in the video.

Madalyn Boucher was shocked to discover she wasn't actually married. Source: TikTok
Madalyn Boucher was shocked to discover she wasn't actually married. Source: TikTok

To rub salt into the wound, Madalyn added the cut-off to submit it was just nine days ago.

"We are not married," she said.

"We spent $30,000, not for a wedding, but for a f***ing social gathering.

"So now we have to go to the courthouse and get married. And our officiant was my f***ing grandpa."


In a follow-up video, the couple explained they were not allowed to submit the form themselves to the probate court and it had to be done by the officiant. She claimed she also gave her husband the option to leave her because it would be a "cheap divorce".

She added they went to the courthouse and were now officially married.

"My grandpa is not really to blame here. I mean it was his sole responsibility. However, it was his first time officiating a wedding. He had no idea. We're not mad, it was just a miscommunication," she said.

Many commented on the TikTok video sympathising with the couple while others found the funny side.

"This happened to me but we didn’t find out until 10 years in," one said.

"This is going to be an awesome story in 10 to 25 years when you’re telling your kids! I promise you will look back and laugh hysterically about it!" another commented.

"I'm sorry this is hilarious," a third stated.

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