Mother in law's dress choice for wedding leaves bride 'hurt'

A young bride getting her hair done before the wedding
A bride isn't happy with her MIL's dress choice. Photo: Getty

A bride has taken to social media to ask for advice after finding out what dress her mother in law had chosen to wear to her upcoming wedding.

Taking to a wedding shaming group on Facebook, the bride-to-be admitted she was not okay with her mother in law’s choice of dress, asking others if the outfit was appropriate.

"HALP... My future mother-in-law sent me this picture of the dress she is considering wearing to our wedding,” she wrote, sharing an image of the tight white lace number.

“I'm not okay with it and honestly felt a little hurt when I saw the picture. Ideas?”

mother in law white lace dress wedding
The mother in law wanted to wear this white lace dress. Photo: Facebook

Most people however didn’t think the dress presented that much of an issue as it didn’t at all resemble a bridal gown.

“As far as mother in laws go this could be so much worse. It's a pretty dress and not going to be mistaken for bridal,” one person commented.

“It’s ugly but aside from that what is the issue? It’s not white, it’s cream,” another said.

But plenty of people still thought the choice of dress was inappropriate for a mother in law to wear to a wedding, given that it goes against the basic rule to simply not wear white.

“Definitely not a mother of the groom dress,” one person thought.

“Why are we all pretending this isn’t a classic monster-in-law move?” another asked.

“Just be honest and say no. Just no. Please choose a different one and preferably in my wedding colours,” a third added.

It’s not the first time a mother in law has caused some debate with her choice of outfit for a wedding.

Last year wedding guests were left shocked by a mother-in-law's white dress that resembled a bridal gown.

A ‘distant family member’ shared a photo from the nuptials to a wedding shaming group on Facebook, and it has now gone viral.

“Groom’s mom just had to wear a bridal dress too,” the person captioned the image.

Around the same time another bride revealed her revenge plan after finding out her MIL would be wearing white.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said she wasn’t going to even try and stop (or rather, warn) her groom’s mum from wearing white because she knew her family would give her a dressing down.

“...The women in my family are all very catty/gossipy,” she wrote, “There will be lots of stares, whispers, pointing, and ‘Oh my gosh, do you believe what MIL (mother in law) is wearing?’”

She then went one step further however, when she vowed to “pay the photographer extra to photoshop the colour of her dress”.

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