Mother wants to stand in for pregnant bride at her wedding

Expecting bride with a beautiful wedding bouquet
A bride says her mother wanted to stand in for her because she was pregnant. Photo: Getty

A newly married woman has opened up about a bizarre argument she had with her mother prior to her wedding day, in which the mother demanded she have the wedding of her dreams and even offered to stand in for the pregnant bride.

Taking to Reddit to tell the outrageous tale, the woman, who said English wasn’t her first language, explained she had fallen pregnant before she was married, which according to her mother was ‘bringing shame on the family’ and as such they had to ‘get married right away’.

“I was bringing shame to the fanatical Asian family. I was the 'uncontrollable slutty daughter' who got knocked up by some white dude,” she wrote.

She goes on to say her mother wanted to invite 200+ guests (most of which were strangers to the bride but included her own friends), organise five-star accommodation for the guests, and make it the ‘best wedding they had ever seen’ because apparently it was ‘just as much’ her wedding as it was the bride’s.

But the real kicker came when she made an even crazier suggestion to ‘combat’ the bride’s pregnancy debacle.

“I'll even stand in for you at the ceremony seeing as you're pregnant and it's getting big!” the mum said, according to the poster.

“I was only five months pregnant at the time and it was not showing much at all. I also wore baggy clothes so it was not obvious. Therefore, I would do just fine - if I wanted to - being at my own wedding,” the bride continued.

The arguments with her mother ended up getting too much for the bride who decided to elope instead.

“Ended up eloping with my partner in his home country instead. His parents bought us dinner after the ceremony at the court house. That's it. The end. She didn't get the wedding of her dreams.”

monster in law scene mother wearing wedding dress
The bride ended up decided to elope instead. Photo: Warner Bros

The wild story shocked plenty of people, with the bride receiving support from the vast majority of responders.

“That's a thing????? That’s so weird. I would much rather see a pregnant bride than a groom marrying his MIL,” was one comment.

“What, and I cannot stress this enough, the f**k,” another exasperated person said.

“I feel for you, this is legit something my own mother and aunts would do. We eloped on holiday to save the stress. You did the right thing!” was a third supportive comment.

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