'Heartless' trolling of bride's $5 budget hack slammed

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
A bride has been taunted over a budget DIY gift job. Photo: Getty Images

Online commentators have come to the defence of a bride who found herself mercilessly trolled online after her DIY attempt at budget bridesmaid’s gifts backfired.

An online group unleashed on the anonymous bride’s post showcasing black makeup bags emblazoned with ‘bridesmaid’ and ‘made of honour’, painstakingly spelt out in red glitter pen.

“Do these look ok I made them last night from makeup bags from Kmart?” the woman asked in a post that was screenshot and shared to the group.

“Fabric glue and glitter.”

The woman's maid of honour gift did not go down well online. Photo: Facebook

The overwhelming response suggested that the bags did not meet the standards of most wedding watchers, with comments moving from harsh to nasty very quickly.

“In what universe is this nice?” one person queried.

“Omg this is gross,” another wrote.

“Surely your bridal party would understand if your budget didn't accommodate bridal favours?” another pointed out.

Among other insults, the gifts were labelled ‘cheap crap’ and ‘embarrassing’.

Onlookers slam ‘bullying’

Defenders have praised the personal effort made by the bride. Photo: Facebook

Now, irate onlookers are hitting back at the relentless taunting, slamming the comments as ‘bullying’, and ‘trash’.

“The lady who made this was on a budget and was doing what she could with little money and maximum effort and heart,” one commentator pointed out, labelling the detractors as ‘heartless’.

“This post is complete trash. I would be stoked to have someone handmake me a gift. It’s already an honour to be in someone’s bridal party,” another agreed.

“This bride has very limited funds and made something out of what she could afford. This isn’t a f***ing homeware disaster... it’s someone’s life you’re mocking,” one woman wrote.

“I think this is pretty sh**ty... I’d be honoured if someone made me such a gift,” said another.

“The poor bride to be. I actually feel bad for her!” another agreed.

“She’s is obviously on a tight budget and trying to do her best ..... I hope she has a fantastic wedding and loves every minute of it even down to her glue bags,” one wrote.

Others did point out that ready-made, cheaper alternatives for bridesmaids favours are a dime a dozen, almost literally, online.

It’s not the first time online wedding trolling has been shut down.

Last year a wedding guest being taunted online hit back at ‘nasty’ comments about her choice of dress.

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