Wedding guest trolled over 'tacky' plunging dress hits back

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Candian mum Amanda Sipes has shutdown online trolls who blasted her as 'tacky'. Photo: Facebook/amanda.sipes.39

A woman has hit back after discovering censored images of herself being shared and taunted on a Facebook shaming group.

Canadian mum Amanda Sipes was taken aback, but not shocked, when she discovered a photo of herself at a friend’s wedding had been shared online, where it had attracted the ridicule of thousands of online commentators.

At issue was the plunging, figure-hugging gown the mum wore to the ceremony, which attracted almost 2,000 comments, most slamming Amanda as ‘tasteless’ and ‘tacky’.

A screenshot of Amanda at the ceremony attracted thousands of comments, some worse than others. Photo: Facebook

“Put your tits away,” one woman advised.

“What happened to people being classy instead of trashy?” another asked.

Some came to Amanda’s defence, but the overall commentary was a barrage of distaste for the buxom look, with many comments unfortunately coming to rest on the fact that as a plus-sized woman, Amanda should dress ‘appropriately’.

Amanda hits back at the haters

Where most would be floored at the unexpected barrage, Amanda is a body positive advocate and an adult entertainer with a strong following on Instagram, so she is no stranger to navigating commentary online.

“This is not the first time I’ve seen myself in some sort of shaming group, I think a lot of people do not know how to react to somebody like me so it’s definitely not new territory,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

This time around however, she decided to speak out, to the shock of the shamers online who never expected to meet the woman behind the outfit.

Amanda shared a snap of her with the bride to shut down those calling her outfit 'inappropriate'. Photo: facebook/amanda.sipes.39

Taking to the comments, she shared the uncensored image of herself, and shed some light on what was going on behind the scenes.

She shrugged off suggestions she had stolen the bride’s thunder, explaining that the happy couple, both dear friends, knew exactly what she was wearing and were more than happy with it

“They knew me and how I dress and still wanted me there,” she responded.

“Plus it’s summer I’m not sweating my a** off because some people are scared of boobs and fat people. Also, the bride loved my dress.”

Shutting down the body-shaming

“Some of this borderlines on slut-shaming and body shaming,” she continued, adding, “I am confident and I love my body and I don’t feel I need to hide it.”

With all this in mind, she felt compelled to speak out against the problematic commentary, to champion other women who are affected by body shaming every day.

“The only thing I really did have an issue with was body shaming,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I am fortunate enough to be very comfortable and confident in my skin but I do know how it affects many women who have not reached that point in their life yet of being comfortable and confident.”

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