Couple's bizarre 'grapefruit' sex confession

Kristine Tarbert
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Codie Lea and Nathan left couple's stunned with their sex confession. Photo: Channel Seven

A couple seeking therapy on reality TV show Bride and Prejudice, have left their fellow contestants stunned with a bizarre sex confession made during a dinner party on Monday night’s episode.

The couples, who are on the show to repair relationships with their disapproving parents, were sharing intimate stories around the dinner table when Nathan said he had one that would: “take you for a wild ride”.

“Here it is, straight out, Codie grapefruited me,” he said, referring to his fiance Codie Lea.

If you have no idea what that actually means you weren’t alone, as the confession was met with stunned silence from all of the fellow participants, before a few pipped up and asked what it meant.

Codie Lea started explaining that she wanted to show Nathan “a really cool thing”, for which she had to turn the lights off.

“I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the biggest grapefruit I could find. I’ve cut both ends off, I’ve put like a little hole in it,” she said.

“If you get a chance to watch the movie ‘Girl’s Trip’ you’ll understand all about it,” Nathan added.

They did something completely different with a grapefruit. Photo: Getty

Speaking to producers after the dinner, Codie Lea said: “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

With Nathan nodding his approval, “I don’t think there is much out there that can top it.”

Of course, in the movie he referred to, the idea of using a grapefruit in the bedroom was used as more of a joke given it is generally ill-advised to have anything citrusy anywhere near your privates.

Despite this, there is actually an entire Reddit thread dedicated to enlightening us as to why it might be a popular alternative to the average hand-job.

Although as expected, some others who tried it admitted it was a once-off.

“You basically cut a penis-sized hole in a grapefruit along its equator (i.e, not from the stem end) and use it as a fleshlight or a supplement to BJ,” one woman explained.

“Surprised my husband with this one night. He was laughing and laughing, until he started to make other kinds of happy sounds.

“Said it was a very weird experience knowing he was enjoying being pleasured by a citrus fruit. We agreed it was lots of fun, smelled great, and was so incredibly messy (all those little grapefruit bits everywhere, even with big towels) we would never ever do it again.”

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