Mother-in-law left red faced after asking son's fiancee to take lie detector test

Bianca Soldani
Bride and Prejudice
Laurelle was left red faced after her future daughter-in-law passed a lie detector test on Bride and Prejudice. Photo: Seven

A woman trying not to paint herself as a mother-in-law from hell is having a hard time fending off that image after she pressured her son’s fiancee to take a lie detector test.

Laurelle hadn’t seen her son, Nathan, his fiancee, Codie Lea, or their young daughter, in 18 months when they decided to go on reality TV show Bride and Prejudice to try and work through their issues.

However, things started hurtling in the wrong direction when Laurelle cornered Codie Lea and asked her on camera if she’d sit a polygraph - the results of which Laurelle was convinced would tear the 21-year-old’s relationship with Nathan apart.

Codie lea on Bride and Prejudice
Codie Lea answered all three questions truthfully. Photo: Seven

“The only way for me to start mending the relationship with Codie and Nathan is for Codie to have a lie detector test to prove to me that she is not cheating on my son,” Laurelle said.

“I don’t want my son in a cheating relationship. Codie has to agree to the lie detector test and if she flatly refuses then I know she’s a liar.”

Codie Lea agreed, and was asked three questions; had she given Nathan an ultimatum to choose between a relationship between their daughter or his mum, had she accused Laurelle of trying to take their daughter, and had she cheated on Nathan.

Much to Laurelle’s dismay, Codie Lea was shown not to be lying in any of her answers which included the fact she had not given Nathan an ultimatum, or cheated on him - as Laurelle had been convinced she had.

Bride and Prejudice
After sitting her own polygraph, Codie Lea asked Laurelle to do one herself. Photo: Seven

But instead of graciously accepting defeat and apologising, Laurelle’s response was to further insult her future daughter-in-law.

“Codie has proved me wrong, and I don’t like her proving me wrong,” she said.

Unfortunately for her, the whole plan backfired further when Codie Lea returned fire and asked if she would agree to a lie detector test of her own.

“I hate her plain and simple, I hate her. And I was taught not to say hate unless you mean it and I hate her.”

The reaction on Twitter was unsurprising:

“Laurelle is nasty and manipulative,” one viewer wrote, “She’s disappointed that Codie didn’t cheat? She doesn’t want to lose her son, but she seems to be the one causing the problems.”

“You fear abandonment & not having a relationship with your son but you're doing everything to push him away, he has a child now, surely you want cohesive parenting for them. Try to forgive & move forward,” another commented.

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