'He lasts 15 seconds': Couple's awkward sex confession aired in public

Bianca Soldani
A couple aired their sex issues on Seven's Bride and Prejudice. Photo: Seven

Counselling can do a lot for a relationship, but it was hard to watch intimate details of one couple’s struggling sex life being bandied about in a group therapy session on national TV last night.

In an episode of Channel Seven’s reality TV show Bride and Prejudice - which sees couples try to win over their disapproving parents before getting married - Dannii and her fiance Denton put it all on the table when they described their lack of intimacy in a very public setting.

“Our sex life isn’t the best at the moment,” Dannii began, as the show’s other four couples, and hundreds of thousands of viewers at home, listened in.

“But in saying that… we did have sex for the first time in a long time, but he lasted 15 seconds,” she said to laughter from the group.

In a piece to camera filmed separately, she went into further detail, saying she hasn’t climaxed in six months or longer.

“Why can’t I make you c**?” Denton asked her, to which she bluntly replied, “because you don’t last long enough.”

Back in their session, the therapist put an end to the humiliation after Dannii asked the group: “Can someone teach him?”

This couple watched on, along with a TV audience of hundreds of thousands. Photo: Seven

From bad to worse

Things only went downhill further when, in the privacy of their room, Denton confronted Dannii over his cheating suspicions and she confessed to sleeping with someone else while on holiday in New Zealand.

“You know what pisses me off?” Denton, who remained surprisingly calm, said.

“What pisses me off is that we don’t have sex more than once a month, yet you have sex with some other guy. Do you know how shit I feel?”

“I’ve always been here for you with everything through everything and I do everything for you.”

The couple are on the show to work on Denton’s relationship with Dannii’s mother and sister, who have called him an entitled private schoolboy, and insulted him over his weight and immaturity, amongst other things.

Dannii lost her father less than a year ago, and her mum and sister think she should wait longer before jumping into a marriage with Denton, who they are concerned she’s using as a replacement for her dad.

Dannii and Denton aren’t the only couple airing their personal laundry in public, with another one of the women being asked to sit through a lie detector test by her disapproving mother in law.

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