Fiancé slammed for announcing engagement at sister's funeral

Holding Hands with engagement rings, close-up
Holding Hands with engagement rings, close-up

A man has copped furious backlash online after revealing he decided to announce his engagement at the most inappropriate time ever - a family member’s funeral.

The 19 year old took to Reddit in a now deleted thread to ask for advice after he was slammed by family members for his bizarre decision to reveal his engagement after his step sister’s funeral.

He starts off by explaining that most of his family live in different states or even countries so when he first got engaged he wanted to hold off telling people until they were together.

“My girlfriend and I flew to California for the funeral. It was basically a family reunion,” he wrote.

“Under any other circumstances this would have been the perfect time to announce our engagement but it just didn’t feel right because everyone was so down.”

That was the correct instinct.

He goes on to say he thought the “mood had lifted” after the service with people laughing and reminiscing, so he decided to make a toast and share the news.

“I was expecting cheers and clapping but instead the whole room went silent,” he said.

He and his fiancée were asked to leave and he revealed he then received texts from others saying he had made the funeral about him and they wouldn’t be coming to the wedding.

“I’m at a loss as I don’t think I made the whole funeral about myself?”

As expected however, most people thought he had definitely stepped out of line and should have reconsidered his timing.

“You are the asshole. You stood up and made a TOAST at a funeral reception to announce your engagement!!! A funeral of a young girl who will never get a wedding or birthday or any other celebration in her life... And this seemed okay to you??” was one outraged comment.

“Wow it feels like he doesn’t even care that his sister died, at FOURTEEN nonetheless. And even if you didn’t announce it at her funeral, getting engaged at 19 after dating for five months isn’t something I can imagine too many families being excited about anyway,” was another pointed comment.

While a third added: “Wow, humans have an infinite capacity to be self absorbed.”

A few thought he could have used the opportunity to tell key family members quietly rather than making a big toast.

“I don’t think it would necessarily be wrong to tell a few people quietly.... but to make a big gesture and make a toast is disgusting,” was one comment.

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