Body language expert reveals Taylor Swift's real thoughts on Travis Kelce's Elvis outburst

Did we just witness Taylor Swift officially get the ick from Travis Kelce?

All eyes were on megastar Taylor Swift at this year's Super Bowl as she cheered on her Kansas City Chiefs boyfriend Travis Kelce, but there's one moment in particular that left fans cringing in their seats.

During Kelce's victory celebrations, the three-time Super Bowl winner shouted the lyrics of Elvis' 'Viva Las Vegas' on stage during an interview with CBS, with Taylor looking increasingly more awkward with every second.

To decode Swift's real feelings about her beau's musical outburst, Yahoo Lifestyle Australia spoke to body language expert Dr Louise Mahler who revealed what the 'Anti-Hero' singer appears to have been thinking.

Taylor Swift (left) and Travis Kelce (right).
Taylor Swift's body language during boyfriend Travis Kelce's Super Bowl victory speech has left fans scratching their heads. Photo: Getty

Body language expert weighs in

While Swift looked on smiling, it was clear Kelce wasn't earning a spot on one of her albums any time soon. As for Swift's body language during that impromptu performance, it looked anything but comfortable.

"We can imagine how anyone super excited may have expressed themselves like this, but I think she was horrified, slightly amused, but embarrassed," Mahler told Yahoo.

"When one sees Taylor Swift at the Grammys [you can tell] she is totally elated by her colleagues' wins. She jumps up and down and laughs and calls out," Maher said.

"In this footage, she opens, then shuts and holds her mouth tightly. She does not want to open it, suggesting she does not want to say something. Her mouth is slightly smiling, but her eyes lose their sparkle. She is being polite."


Viewers respond: 'Taylor got the ick'

Viewers noticed the awkward moment and quickly took to social media to express their thoughts, with some even thinking the pop star got "the ick".

"Swift was just a wee bit embarrassed when Kelce busted out singing “Viva Las Vegas". I don’t blame her," one person wrote, while another added: "This guy is an absolute clown".

"This was cringe and Taylor got the ick," a third said.

Taylor Swith kisses Travis Kelce.
Despite Swift looking visually uncomfortable after Kelce belting out Elvis, the couple packed on the PDA afterwards. Photo: Getty

Others found Kelce's singing amusing and posted the lyrics to socials as a nod to the NFL star.

"Kelce singing Viva Las Vegas was awesome," a fan wrote, while another found the humour in it writing: "Travis screaming Viva Las Vegas will forever be funny to me."

"Viva Las Vegas (Travis’s Version) will be on Taylor’s next album," a third joked.

As for where the couple stand following Kelce's performance, all seems fine in the world of Taylor and Travis, who packed on the PDA afterwards.

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