Blue Wiggle Anthony Field reveals shock secret: 'Childhood ruined'

The behind-the-scenes secrets from beloved kids entertainers The Wiggles just keep on coming and this latest bombshell is set to shock even the most loyal fan.

In a chat with Fitzy & Wippa on Wednesday, Blue Wiggle Anthony Field revealed that he doesn't actually sing.

Side by side image of Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and the Wiggles members Anthony Field, Emma Watkins, Lachlan Gillespie and Simon Price of
Blue Wiggle Anthony Field (left) has revealed he mimes to Red Wiggle Simon Pryce's voice on stage. Photo: Nova 96.9, Getty Images.

Singing bombshell

That's right, despite being a founding member of the band behind hit songs "Hot Potato" and "Big Red Car" Anthony has always mimed the lyrics while performing.

"I never sing!" the 58-year-old admitted after playing a game of 'Hide & Sing' on the radio show.

Fitzy, Wippa and their co-host Sarah McGilvray were left aghast.

"Have you just like lifted the lid on a huge Wiggles scandal that you don’t sing?" Sarah asked, incredulous.

"Well, Anthony is on guitar," Wippa pointed out.


Wiggles Uber Eats ad.
The Wiggles starred in an Uber Eats ad with Simon Cowell in June. Photo: Uber Eats

Anthony candidly replied that to avoid singing he has been lip-syncing to Red Wiggle Simon Pryce's voice 'for years'.

"For years I mimed! Believe this or not, I mimed Simon’s voice for years.

"I have this low voice and people would ask me to sing in public and they’d be very disappointed."

Fans on TikTok, where a clip of the interview was shared, took to the comments to share their reactions to the news.

"Yeah I've noticed this a few times, it's not synced right lol," wrote one.

"Ok that ruined my childhood," joked another.

"He's still my favourite Wiggle," said a third.

Simon 2.0

But that's not all Anthony admitted to Fitzy & Wippa. According to him, there was quite a bit of TV magic behind The Wiggles' viral Uber Eats ad with Simon Cowell that was released back in June.

UK showbiz mogul Simon wasn’t actually on set with the band during the shoot and they instead used a stand-in.

“Okay, there’s a guy in Coogee, his name is Richard,” Anthony said.

"He was an exact copy of Simon Cowell. He is the best actor. I don’t know how they do it digitally, I’m an old man, but they surgically removed his head and put Simon’s head there."

Two years ago Magda Szubanski also told Fitzy & Wippa that she and Kim Kardashian didn’t film their Uber Eats commercial together either.

The ad saw Simon don a grey skivvy to become a very grumpy new member of The Wiggles who continuously shuts down the band's attempts to break out into song.

In a recent interview on Sunrise, The X Factor judge admitted that listening to the new song about 'zucchini linguine' on repeat was 'torture'.

In the end, however, Simon was happy with both the ad and his new friends, The Wiggles.

"They are hilarious. I do love them," he said.

On August 23, The Wiggles announced four new members, Blue Wiggle Evie, Yellow Wiggle Kelly, Purple Wiggle John and Red Wiggle Tsehay.

The new lineup will make its debut in the band's new YouTube series, Fruit Salad TV on September 4, which is dedicated to “celebrating and embracing all Australians”.

Additional reporting by Lachlan Guertin.

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