Blogger Constance Hall suffers wardrobe malfunction in tiny top

Aussie blogger Constance Hall found herself in a rather tight — and risqué — situation while trying on a lacy black crop top she purchased from an online retailer.

When the garment arrived in the mail, the 37-year-old discovered that it was teeny tiny despite having selected a large size than she thought she'd need at the checkout.

Australian blogger and designer Constance Hall wearing a blue printed dress
Aussie blogger Constance Hall has shared her latest online shopping fail. Photo: Facebook/ConstanceHall.

Busting out

Always keen for a giggle, Constance managed to squeeze herself into the boudoir-style top and snap a selfie.

The Perth-based mum-of-seven paired her pic with a shot of a model with a noticeably smaller bust sporting the same top from the unnamed brand's website.

She shared the drastically different side-by-side images with her loyal fans on her Facebook page with a suitably cheeky caption.

"When you size up just in case, the old four boob rears her four heads," she quipped.

"F**king Forby," she added.


Australian blogger and designer Constance Hall tries on a tiny black lace crop top
The tiny top was unable to contain Constance's 'four boob'. Photo: Facebook/ConstanceHall.

Constance's Facebook followers got a good laugh out of her 'wardrobe malfunction,' with many praising her for not taking herself too seriously.

"Love a good self piss-take for a wardrobe malfunction. Gold!" one wrote.

Others commiserated with her online shopping fail.

"Omg this always happens to me, that's why I don't really buy online," explained one.

"This is why I always read the reviews!!! They will say more than anything the site has to say!" added another.

Constance competed on the 2019 season of Dancing With The Stars and has a clothing line, Queen The Label. In 2020, her husband, Denim Cooke was seriously injured in a horror motorcycle accident that resulted in a broken spine and brain trauma.

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