Aldi purchase turns out to be hilarious shopping fail

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman’s hilarious Aldi shopping fail is going viral online after she shared a photo of her new purchase.

Taking to Facebook, she revealed she had opened the Women’s Organic Cotton shirt to wear it to work, only to discover something wasn’t quite right.

“Purchased two weeks ago, opened this morning to wear to work. I am pretty sure my wrist is going to be feeling the cold today,” she captioned photos showing the mismatch.

“I bet someone had a laugh when they made and measured this.”

Something isn't quite right. Photo: Facebook

Her hilarious post quickly received hundreds of comments, with plenty joking about the ‘new fashion trend’.

“It's called ‘fashuun’ darliiiing,” one person wrote.

“Omfg 😂 that's ridiculous,” another said.

“It's a new fashion trend don't you know?” another quipped. “Like the half shirts covering nothing but boobs or the old fashioned one-shoulder tops. The new trend is a half covered arm. Aldi is bringing a new style in.”

Some just called it an “epic fail” but others also suggested ways the problem might be fixed.

“If you just lean to your left.. yep that should do it, just stay like that though,” was one response.

Or this more genuine suggestion: “Shorten the long sleeve and make it a 3/4 sleeve top.”

It was also pointed out by some eagle-eyed shoppers that the product packaging should have been the hint.

“Well it does say long sleeve, not long sleeves,” one person wrote.

Aldi often has clothing specials in store. Photo: Getty

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