'Putting lives at risk': Bride's shock demand slammed ahead of illicit lockdown wedding

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A bride in the US has caused a stir online after her wild demand of friends and family during the coronavirus epidemic was shared publically.

The Texan bride was busted inviting people to an illicit wedding after lockdown laws saw her original plans ruined, and even went so far as to make a shocking demand of those attending.

A bride is being slammed for demanding guests attend an illegal wedding during the pandemic, and use Ubers to avoid detection. Photo: Getty Images

“Wedding update: the restaurant and garden where the wedding was going to be has cancelled on us,” she wrote.

“So... backyard wedding at my parent’s place instead!”

The post from mid-March was in direct defiance of Texas’ rule limiting wedding’s to no more than 10 people at the time.

Photo: Reddit

If the illegal aspect wasn’t enough, she went on to ask that people Uber or carpool into the event, partially to avoid neighbours dobbing the illegal event into the ‘quarantine police’.

“Also, we don’t want any neighbours to see all the cars and call the quarantine police lol,” she wrote.

Guest lashes out over ‘irresponsible’ decision

One furious guest lashed out in the post’s comments, slamming the bride for asking guests to both break the law and risk their lives to help the couple celebrate.

“This is so irresponsible,” the guest wrote. “Please consider all the lives you are putting in danger by hosting a large gathering.”

The bride simply used a gif to tell the guest to ‘shut up’.

‘This is why we have a pandemic’

Shared to Reddit the post sparked a strong response, with many expressing anger, disappointment and despair at the risky move.

“This is why we have a pandemic,” one wrote.

“I can't believe people's behaviour,” another agreed.

“Your wedding day does not give you the right to overlook a serious disease epidemic!” another argued.

“These idiots are why we need to quarantine and why it's spread so much,” one person wrote.

Other shared that despite the bride’s manoeuvres to avoid detection, they hoped the authorities would be notified.

“I hope someone drops a dime and they do get busted up,” one person said. “I hope they get perp-walked in front of the news trucks.”

“Yeah... I’m thinking there’s no way this thing isn’t getting shut down,” the guest who shared the post responded.

With no word on the final outcome of the planned gathering, many will be hoping the wedding doesn’t follow in the footsteps of others that wreaked havoc on countries recently.

In NSW, a wedding became a hotspot for the disease before lockdown laws were enforced, with 39 guests testing positive to the virus.