Bindi Irwin and husband Chandler stun fans with unusual accents in new video

Bindi Irwin and her husband Chandler Powell surprised fans on Friday when she shared a video on Instagram showing off their unique accents.

The clip features the couple with their daughter, Grace Warrior Powell, being interviewed about what khaki means to them ahead of Steve Irwin Day on November 15.

Bindi Irwin, Chandler Powell and their daughter Grace.
Fans noticed Bindi and Chandler’s unique accents in a new video. Photos: Instagram/bindisueirwin

“For me, khaki means family because that has always been our colour,” Bindi began. “Our uniform of choice and I have grown up wearing khaki, as Grace will too.”

“I think for me it means legacy,” Chandler added.

“You know, this is what Steve wore, it’s what our Australia Zoo uniforms are modelled after. And when you see khaki you immediately think Steve and his legacy, so that’s what it means to me.”


The interviewer also asked seven-month-old Grace what khaki means to her, leading to a cute family interaction.

“She’s like, ‘I don’t understand the question’,” Bindi joked.

Users online were quick to notice that not only did Bindi have a unique international accent, but Chandler’s pronunciation of ‘khaki’ stood out.

“It's funny how Chandler has a completely American accent until he gets to khaki,” one person commented.

“I love that Chandler says khaki in an Australian accent lol,” another added.

“Not gonna lie, being an American at least, it was a solid minute before I realised they were saying ‘khaki’ and not ‘car key’. Thought y’all were wearing a lapel pin or something,” a third remarked, which a number of followers agreed with.

Other fans simply commended the pair on the video and their inspirational words.

“Such a beautiful legacy to remember and carry the tradition of the khaki uniform,” one user shared.

“Grace was so cute. Love your family and everything they do for wildlife,” someone else wrote.

Robert Irwin with his niece Grace.
Robert Irwin shared a gallery of cute photos with his niece, Grace. Photos: Instagram/robertirwinphotography

The new video comes shortly after Robert Irwin shared an adorable gallery of photos posing with his niece, Grace.

“When Grace takes over the selfie!” he captioned the post.

“Now this is cute!” one follower commented, followed by another who wrote, “She is so sweet!”.

“I really love how your family is all about family!” a third replied.

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