Prince William tells Robert Irwin dad Steve would 'be very proud of you'

Prince William and Robert Irwin shared a heartwarming moment, after the royals commended the Aussie conservationist on his work, saying it would make his late dad, Steve Irwin, proud.

In a conversation that was shared by People magazine, Robert and the Duke of Cambridge chat about Earthshot, a conservation charity set up by the prince.

Robert Irwin on the Today show
Robert Irwin spoke with Prince William in a candid chat. Photo: Channel 9

The British royal asked Queenslander Robert about his passions, with the keen wildlife-lover saying he loves crocodiles and photography.


"Honestly, I was a big fan of your dad’s and I am so sorry he’s not around anymore," Prince William replied.

"It's no surprise that you're a fan of crocodiles as well. The family trait has continued into the next generation I am sure."

Prince William looking into the distance.
Prince William told Robert that his dad, Steve, would be very proud of him. Photo: Getty Images

Robert replied, “yes it’s in my DNA”, with William saying: "He'd be very proud of you Robert. And what you continued. Clearly, your passion is only second to his."

Both Robert and his sister Bindi, along with their mum, Terri, have continued on Steve Irwin’s work since he passed away in 2006 when a stingray barb pierced his heart while filming episodes of his television series.

Steve Irwin holding Robert Irwin and Bindi Irwin
Robert was just two-years-old when his dad Steve died in 2006. Photo: Getty Images

Robert was just two-years-old at the time, however he’s continued on his dad’s legacy of raising awareness for the conservation of wildlife and the planet.

“Even in my early years, my dad certainly shaped the person I am today,” Robert previously said on Instagram.

While he dedicated most of his time to working at Australia Zoo he’s also an avid photographer and regularly posts photos of both his family and the wildlife he encounters to his Instagram account.

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