Bindi Irwin announces social media break amid ongoing family feud

Bindi Irwin has announced that she will be taking a break from social media after sparking a feud with her estranged grandfather earlier this week.

The 22-year-old told her fans that she will be stepping away from the public eye for a month to spend time with her newborn daughter, Grace Warrior Powell.

Bindi Irwin with husband Chandler and daughter Grace.
Bindi announced that she needs time away to focus on the happiness of her family. Photo: Instagram/bindisueirwin

On Sunday, Bindi shared a gallery of the “most incredible fathers” in her life on Facebook to celebrate Father’s Day in the US.

When someone asked why she didn’t include her grandfather in the post, the wildlife conservationist revealed that Bob Irwin is no longer a part of her life.

“Unfortunately my grandfather Bob has shown no interest in spending time with me or my family,” she began the lengthy reply.

“He has never said a single kind word to me personally. It breaks my heart but it is not healthy to engage in an abusive relationship.”


While the 82-year-old has not yet responded to the allegations publicly, other members of Bob’s family fired back at Bindi on the following day.

“We have all felt sick reading the lies for too long,” one of his granddaughter’s wrote on Facebook.

“Poppy is the most genuinely beautiful human on this planet and has NEVER spoken out or put down anybody!”

Bindi Irwin with Robert, Terri and grandfather Bob.
Bindi claimed that her grandfather Bob “has shown no interest” in her or her family. Photo: Getty

Since then, Bindi has taken to social media again to thank fans for their support and announce that she will be taking a month-long break.

“I feel tremendously grateful to share our life and conservation work with you but I need some time to focus on the happiness that is my family (both human and animal),” she shared online.

“To my friends who are dealing with depression, anxiety and other battles every day - I see you. These issues are very real and deserve to be discussed and addressed.

“Surround yourself with the light of people who genuinely care about you and will support you during the good times and the hard times.”

She went on to tell her followers that they are “absolutely worthy of love and kindness”, and urges that mental health no longer stays a taboo topic.

Bindi Irwin and daughter Grace Warrior Powell.
In her social media caption, Bindi thanked fans for their support and spoke about the importance of mental health. Photo: Instagram/bindisueirwin

Bindi’s husband Chandler Powell also shared a photo of Bindi and Grace on Instagram with a supportive caption.

“You inspire me with your unwavering kindness and your ability to stand up for what is right,” he wrote.

“You are the strongest and most beautiful person inside and out. Grace has an amazing mama to look up to.”

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