The most controversial MAFS couples - where are they now?

There is no denying that although Married at First Sight is often touted as a social experiment in reality TV circles, it is much more like a soap opera with characters playing goodies and baddies, creating drama to ensure the viewers keep tuning in.

And there have been many a controversial character on MAFS. From Cyrell and "Not what I ordered" Claire to Nasser.

Married At First Sight Worst couples. Photo: Instagram
Married At First Sight Worst couples. Photo: Instagram

Some MAFS stars have profited off their fame, others have shunned it.

Here are the couples that had us shouting at the experts who placed them together as loudly as we were shouting at the couples themselves.


Ines Basic and Bronson Norrish

Ines and Bronson on MAFS
Ines and Bronson on MAFS. Photo: Nine Network

Ines and Bronson's 'marriage' didn't start well with Ines' first words to her new groom after she walked down the aisle "Hi Bronson, can we get rid of your eyebrow ring please?". And things didn't improve.

Ines didn't hide her distaste for her new husband and embarked on an 'affair' with another groom, Sam, behind their partners' backs.

Ines is now a full-time Instagram influencer with almost a quarter of a million followers while Bronson has returned to his party boat business in Western Australia.

And Bronson has come to better understand that his time on the show did not reflect who he was.

Ines is now a social media influencer while Bronson has gone back to his business in WA. Photo: Instagram/@innnnnnes & Instagram/@bronson_norrish
Ines is now a social media influencer while Bronson has gone back to his business in WA. Photo: Instagram/@innnnnnes & Instagram/@bronson_norrish

"Unfortunately here in Australia, TV seasons have shown the bigger villain you are, the more money you can make through your online following," he told British tabloid The Mirror in January.

"I’m very lucky to live where I do. Where the rest of Australia went MAFS crazy, here in Perth WA where I live no one really cares about reality TV."

Sam Ball and Lizzie Sobinoff

Sam and Lizzie on MAFS
Sam and Lizzie at their MAFS wedding. Photo: Nine Network

Sam Ball also showed disdain for his new wife Lizzie on their wedding day. While Lizzie was obviously smitten, Sam told viewers he "never really dated girls as big" and later added: "She's got a beautiful face... Maybe I'll get her running in the mornings... but she'll be right. We'll get her going."

It wasn't long before he was finding an excuse to avoid spending any time with Lizzie at all and soon embarked on an 'affair' with Ines, before dropping her like a hot potato too.

Since the show, Lizzie has reinvented herself, becoming a brunette and even returning to MAFS in 2020 to try again, 'marrying' Sebastian Guilhaus. While that relationship didn't last either, they are still good friends.

Meanwhile, Sam has also now joined the army. "Every time I put on this uniform I can't help but be proud of who I am and what I stand for as a man, what it represents to me," The Daily Mail reported he wrote on a now-deleted post.

Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells

Dean and Tracey on MAFS
MAFS couple Dean and Tracey on their wedding day. Photo: Nine Network

Sam and Ines weren't the first contestants on Married at First Sight to have an affair behind their 'spouses' back. Dean and Tracey seemed to hit it off when they first got together on the show, however, Dean was apprehensive and it wasn't long before long had embarked on an 'affair' with fellow contestant Davina Rankin.

But time heals all wounds and Tracey says she's forgiven Dean and the couple are now friends. "Look, cheating isn't black and white. I'm glad that Dean and I are still good friends after three years," she wrote on Instagram.

"I'm super happy in my life, and I don't hold grudges. I don't forget and I'm certainly still anti-cheating, but I like to consider myself a forgiving person. Sometimes you make mistakes. We're all human," she added.

Dean and Tracey from MAFS on Instagram
Dean enjoying a swim during lockdown. Tracey married her childhood sweetheart and they have baby Frankie together. Photo: Instagram/@traceyjewel_ify & Instagram/@deanwells

Tracey is now happily married to her childhood sweetheart Nathan Constable and they have a gorgeous six-month-old baby boy called Frankie.

Following up his time on MAFS with a stint on Dancing With The Stars, Dean has since revealed the toll that being on a reality show took on him.

"My reputation was mud," Dean told the ABC. He sought legal advice but was told the contract was "airtight". "They own your name. They own your image. They own everything you do," the lawyer told Dean. "There’s absolutely nothing you can do."

Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson

Bryce and Melissa on MAFS
Bryce and Melissa at their TV wedding. Photo: Nine Network

You'd think that watching previous seasons of MAFS would help contestants learn how to navigate their way on reality TV but it seems that the call of love and fame is too great and even this year's brides and grooms didn't seem to hold back on controversial comments and opinions.

This year, most of the drama centred on Bryce and his bride Melissa, with their fellow contestants and fans finding issue with their relationship. The AMCA media watchdog was flooded with complaints about their portrayal on the show.

Married at First Sight contestants Photo: Nine & Instagram
Bryce and Melissa are now engaged and expecting twins! Photo: Nine & Instagram

While TV governing body the ACMA is investigating claims that Nine did not uphold its duty of care, Bryce and Melissa have actually found their happily-ever-after with each other and are engaged and expecting twins!

Mike Gunner and Heidi Latcham

Heidi and Mike on MAFS
Heidi and Mike on their Wedding day on MAFS. Photo: Nine Network

Another MAFS couple to ruffle some feathers was Mike Gunner and Heidi Latcham from season six of the series.

It was as early as the honeymoon that groom Mike told wife Heidi Latcham "I’m not your therapist, this isn’t therapy," when she revealed her tough childhood to him.

And while Aussies called him out at the time, since the show was shown on British TV earlier this year, they've been chiming in on his behaviour too.

Mike and Heidi have both moved on, Heidi enjoying her work and Mike with American girlfriend Sonja. Photo: Instagram/@heidslatcham & Instagram/@mikekangaroo
Mike and Heidi have both moved on, Heidi enjoying her work and Mike with American girlfriend Sonja. Photo: Instagram/@heidslatcham & Instagram/@mikekangaroo

Well, maybe Mike has learned from his experience as he seems to be happily loved up with his American girlfriend of 10 months Sonja.

While Heidi has stayed true to herself and returned to her radio gig on the Sunshine Coast.

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