Big W shoppers left outraged over $718 delivery fee: 'Ridiculous'

Big W shoppers are furious, with one woman revealing she was quoted $718 in fees for the retail giant to deliver one children's item.

Taking to a popular Facebook group, one shopper said they were left wondering if they were seeing things when they were quoted $300 for delivery of the Backyard Discovery Somerset Play Centre on BIG W’s website.

Big W delivery fee
One Big W shopper was left outraged over this delivery fee. Photo: Facebook

However, it seems they're not alone, with many other shoppers calling out the 'ridiculous' prices they've been quoted.

“I’d be happy with $300!” one woman wrote, sharing a screenshot of the $718 she was being quoted.

The woman was located in regional WA about six hours from the nearest city.


Others were also quoted hundreds to deliver the item and one woman said she ended up forking out the money for her last purchase because she simply didn't have the time to go into the shop.

“My last (order) was $100 for my purchase and $167 for delivery. No special products just didn’t have time to go in store," she said.

People called out the delivery fees, with one person writing: "Delivery to us is $800. Just ridiculous. cheaper to drive 10hrs over to Townsville and bring back."

"Seems like a lot cheaper to hire a van and pick up," another said.

Big W shop in Australia
Big W told Yahoo Lifestyle last year that the store has a flat delivery fee structure for online home delivery orders, Photo: Getty Images

Big W responds to outrage over delivery fees

Big W told Yahoo Lifestyle last year that the store has a flat delivery fee structure for online home delivery orders, which varies according to location and preferred delivery timeframe.

“For customers purchasing bulky or fragile items, delivery fees will vary depending on the weight and size of the items being purchased and the delivery location,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“If ever our customers are concerned about the delivery charges, we would encourage them to contact our Customer Service team.”

“At BIG W, our delivery fees reflect the location and preferred delivery time, as well as weight and size of bulky or fragile items,” a BIG W spokesperson reiterated when asked for comment.

“On this occasion, however, there was an error in our system resulting in much higher than expected delivery charges, and the issue has been resolved.”

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