Big W drops $25 dupes of popular $180 Adidas sneakers: 'Have to give these a go'

An influencer has branded these Adidas Samba lookalikes the best dupe she's ever seen.

Eliza Reid holds up the Big W shoes.
Eliza Reid says the Big W dupe is the best she's seen to date. Photo: Instagram/@bargain_homewares

If you’ve been eyeing the Adidas Sambas but can’t justify the $180 price tag right now, this budget dupe could be just what you need. An Instagram influencer has just discovered a $25 lookalike at Big W and sparked a frenzy in her comments.

Eliza Reid told her 129,000 followers that the sneakers — called the Women's Gum Lace-up Shoes at the budget retailer — are the “the best dupe” she’s seen to date and considering she has a social media account dedicated to finding affordable products and budgeting hacks, that’s saying something!

"They have all of the same features, like the black on the back," Eliza says in the video. "And then they even have the black stripes on the side, which the H&M ones do not have."


She continues, "But of course, they've just got two stripes, not the signature three that the Adidas have."

Eliza also goes on to say that she feels the dupes are pretty true to size telling her followers, "There's a little bit of room to move in there, so you could definitely wear a thicker sock."

Women's Gum Lace Up Shoes from Big W (left) and Adidas Sambas (right).
The BIG W Women's Gum Lace Up Shoes (left) are a spitting image of the Adidas Samba OG (right), at less than a quarter of the price. Photo: BigW/Adidas

As with all popular products out there, plenty of other brands have tried to replicate this must-have shoe. In fact, Reid had previously shared a H&M pair earlier this month on her bargain_homewares Instagram account.

“These are way better,” Eliza told a commenter who had bought the $39.99 H&M pair, previously noting they did not have the stripe detailing like the Big W dupes.

Decjuba is another retailer selling a Sambas dupe for $69.95 and Sportgirl have a $59.95 version. Neither retailer has the multiple-stripe detailing, however, they have a suede-look toe that Big W doesn’t.

Sammi Low Rise sneaker from Decjuba (left) and Cody Sneaker from Sportsgirl (right).
The Sammi Low Rise sneaker from Decjuba (left) and Cody Sneaker from Sportsgirl have a higher price point than Big W but a more elevated design. Source: Decjuba/Sportsgirl

The Big W dupe features two contrasting black stripes that mirror Adidas’ signature three-stipe design, plus black around the heel and grey at the toe-cap area.

Big W’s sneakers, however, are a synthetic construction, as opposed to the Adidas Samba OGs, which are typically made from a mix of leather and suede. The retailer also has the sneaker style in black for $25, but the sole is a different colour to the Adidas Samba version.

The BIG W Women's Gum Lace Up Shoe in black (left) and black Adidas Sambas (rigth).
Big W is also selling the sneaker style in black (left) for $25, which looks very similar to the Adidas Samba OG style (right). Photo: BigW/Adidas

Many shoppers couldn’t contain their excitement to try the Big W pair for themselves.

After seeing Eliza style the pair in her video with a black tee and slip midi skirt, the comment section filled up with people saying things such as, “They are cute!” and “What a find!”

“Thank you for this! I’m definitely in my dupe era and might just have to give these a go!” one commenter wrote.

“Just ordered some,” wrote another.

Looks like we might have to be quick in adding these to cart!

As shown in Eliza’s video, the Big W dupe gives off the same overall appeal as the Adidas Samba when it comes to complementing your wardrobe essentials.

“I think that they look great and they’re the best dupe that I’ve seen so far,” Eliza said in her Instagram video.

But with a $155 saving, commenters flooded the comment section with a very important question: Are the BIG W dupes comfortable?


Because many shoppers have yet to try the sneakers themselves, Eliza assured her followers the dupes are both comfy and true to size.

“I don’t think very supportive though,” she stressed, explaining that they’re “more of a fashion shoe rather than for exercising.”

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