'Unfair!': Shock Big Brother twist sparks fierce viewer debate

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We’re only a handful of episodes into the freshly rebooted Big Brother series but the producers are clearly not holding back when it comes to twists and turns — and it’s sparking fierce debate among viewers.

On Tuesday night, fan favourite Angela was voted out of the house by her fellow contestants only to be whisked away to a secret room lined with TV screens and a giant control panel.

Angela in her new 'home,' Big Brother's bunker
Angela in her new 'home,' Big Brother's bunker. Photo: Channel Seven.

A visibly shocked Angela was welcomed by Big Brother to his ‘bunker’ where she’ll stay for the next few days to — in BB’s words — begin ‘plotting her revenge’.

Needless to say, the bombshell twist caught viewers off guard and, going by the reactions on social media, divided them right down the middle into two distinct camps.

There are those who were happy to see the back of the 37-year-old mum-of-two:

“Is anyone else pissed off about this,” wrote one Instagram user of the fact that Angela was staying.

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“Clowns this is such an unfair game. You lot should be ashamed,” wrote another.

“No Big Brother - she should have gone,” another added.

Then there are those firmly on Team Angela and can’t wait to see what chaos she’ll enact from her bunker:

“Best twist ever, I just want to sleep now and wake up 7pm Sunday,” said a fan.

Angela seated at a control panel in front of various TV screens in Big Brother's bunker
Angela now has the power to 'plot her revenge'. Photo: Channel Seven.

“Smart Big Brother! She's the only contestant worth watching!” added another.

“Queen Angie is still on the house!” praised one.

Angela vs Talia

Angela’s pseudo-elimination comes after the feisty events manager was on the receiving end of some nasty threats from recent evictee Talia.

When facing the chopping block, Talia warned Angela that she needed ‘to be careful’ about nominating herself and Dan.

“I don't do threats. If she wouldn't have told me that if either me or Dan are up for eviction. There will be blood tomorrow. [I may not have nominated her],” Angela told the cameras.

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