Big Brother housemate's ruthless reaction to the coronavirus pandemic

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Filming of Big Brother came to a halt for three days after a "crew member came into contact with a confirmed coronavirus case" leaving the housemates abandoned by the show's crew.

The housemates were allowed to get in touch with their loved ones, and soon after realised that winning the show's $250,000 prize was more important than ever before as they realised how serious the pandemic was.

The Big Brother housemates shocked coronavirus
The Big Brother housemates were shocked to find out that the game would be suspended as a crew member awaited a coronavirus test after coming in contact with someone with the virus. Photo: Seven

Former AFL star Daniel Gorringe spoke to girlfriend Ana Cannon, who warned him that there was likely to be a recession and that they desperately needed the prize money.

"I will throw people under the bus if I have to. When we leave this place, we aren't going back into a normal world. It's a very different place," he said.

Meanwhile, model Chad Hurst became nervous that his career would come to a halt with international borders closing, meaning he wouldn't be able to travel for any upcoming photoshoots.

Daniel Gorringe speaks to Big Brother
Former AFL star Daniel Gorringe was warned that there was likely to be a recession and that he desperately needed to win the prize money. Photo: Seven

"It's put my modelling career on hold. Coronavirus has raised the stakes of the game. Everybody is going to start doing big moves," Chad said, adding, "I have one chance to win $250,000, and I bloody need it."

Dan then decided to make a ruthless deal with Chad and Sophie Budack to secure a secret pact to make it to the final four with Mat Garrick.

"Start cutting deals? Us four until as long as we can?" Dan asked Chad and Sophie.

Xavier is voted off Big Brother
Xavier was voted out of the Big Brother house with all contestants voting him off. Photo: Seven

He then voted out his friend Xavier Molyneux off the show during the eviction. Xavier received every single vote from his housemates and left the game.

The housemates had previously been informed off-camera about the coronavirus pandemic, a first in Big Brother history as they normally have no idea what is happening outside the house. However, an exception was made in this case.

There are eight contestants left fighting for the $250,000 prize.

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