Big Brother's Garth shocks housemates with surprise admission after eviction

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Big Brother's Garth Saville was evicted on Monday night, but he couldn't leave the house without dropping a bombshell as his final words to his fellow contestants.

"I was in the bunker!" he told his confused housemates, who had no idea what he was referring to.

Big Brother's Garth couldn't leave the house without dropping a bombshell leaving his housemates very confused. Photo: Seven

In Sunday night's episode, Garth visited Angela Clancy in Big Brother's hidden control room without anyone else's knowledge so that he could plot revenge against Ian Joass, who was eliminated.

When Angela was able to return to the house on Monday, she downplayed the time in the bunker and asked Garth to keep everything that happened between them.

However, when he realised almost everyone, including Angela, had voted him out of the house, he decided to spill the secret.

Under his breath he said: "Angela said she was going to support me," as he scrambled to think of a way to get some revenge.

"For what it's worth, I was in the bunker!" he added, with the housemates all looking very confused.

Angela tried to get people off the scent by refuting Garth's bunker claims

With everyone looking at her for confirmation, Angela attempted to keep a straight face, telling everyone: "I was in the bunker. Oh no, as if Big Brother would be like – might as well bring everybody, you know what I mean?"

Garth explained in the car ride home: "Angela and I had a little pact after meeting each other in the secret bunker. She said she was going to support me.

"It really does punch you in the guts. Things change very quickly. This is just the start, there is going to be a lot of blindsiding."

In the diary room, Angela revealed how confident she was that she is going to win the game.

"I got a fire in my belly. And I don’t even need to do much – just sign a cheque at the end of this. I’ve got the advantage – I’m very likeable,” she said.

“People love me even though they don’t know I’m just going to pick them out, one by one."

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