Big Brother stars 'outraged' by the show's 'unfair' editing

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

The Big Brother stars are reportedly "outraged" by the show's editing with many cast members furious enough to threaten a total boycott of the series.

According to Woman's Day, a number of cast members have taken to a secret WhatsApp group to vent their frustrations.

The Big Brother stars are reportedly 'outraged' by the show's editing with some even threatening to boycott the series. Photo: Seven

The publication reports that a number of the 20 housemates have been left upset by the editing.

A source revealed, "Housemates are outraged by what they're seeing on TV."

They also added, "They're shocked none of their softer moments or team bonding is shown. Garth [Saville] has slammed the show because he thinks it has no heart and Dan's [Gorringe] stopped watching altogether."

Some of the housemates have been sharing behind-the-scenes clips from 7Plus, with comments such as, "Hope Big Brother shows more of this."

Xavier Molyneux, has also previously joked about the fact he's barely shown on the show, his Instagram profile reads, "Yes... 'That Blonde Guy in the background."

Xavier Molyneux has been joking about not getting much screen time on the show. Photo: Seven

In one post to his Instagram Story, Xavier shared a post of Dan's where his face is covered, joking, "I swear that's me!"

In another photo, he's seen in the background with the reality star writing, "I swear I'm in Big Brother," also adding, "If you squint you can see it."

Talia Rycroft, who was evicted in episode four, told Daily Mail she wasn't happy with her "unfair editing", saying her fellow reality stars agreed that her portrayal was "fake" and "highly edited".

"I'm a bit shocked watching it all back - but that's the power of reality TV," she said.

Talia Rycroft has revealed she's "shocked" at how she was edited to look like a villain. Photo: Seven

"Other cast members are a bit disgusted and have messaged me saying 'this is disgusting watching this back, because that never happened!'"

She also revealed that a lot of her fun moments never made it to air, "There is so much hate out there, but I want people to know I'm not that type of person."

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