The best cocktails to impress your friends with this Christmas

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Get into the festive spirit with a Christmas cocktail! Photo: Getty
Get into the festive spirit with a Christmas cocktail! Photo: Getty

Do you want to get in the jolly Christmas spirit? A drink will help you get there!

Eggnog is considered the unofficial Christmas drink, a creamy, rich, lightly spiced drink mixed with rum, brandy or bourbon.

It’s a decidedly winter drink, which doesn’t lend to its popularity down in the Southern Hemisphere.

No, in this sweltering heat, we need our Christmas to be a bit more fruity, or sour, or sweet, or fresh.


If you consider yourself a dab hand with a cocktail shaker and want to wow your family and friends this year, give one of these cocktails a go.

We’ve rounded up the best Christmas cocktails for 2021.

To join in on the festive buzz, all you’ll need is a cocktail shaker, a measuring cup (or jigger, if you’re a pro), and a strainer.

For gin lovers: Bombay Sapphire French 75

Bombay Sapphire French 75

The best type of cocktail ends in champagne - and that’s a fact!

This incredibly simple and refreshing cocktail will go down a treat with anyone a fan of citrus flavours or gin.



Step 1: Add all ingredients except Prosecco into a cocktail shaker and stir to dissolve sugar Step 2: Fill with ice and shake until frosted on outside

Step 3: Strain into a champagne flute and top with Prosecco

Step 4: Twist lemon peel and place in glass to garnish

For vodka fans: Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz

Grey Goose Vodka Le Grande Fizz

Speaking of simple, it doesn’t get much more so than this!

No shaking or frothing or any other bartending skills required - just pour all the following ingredients into a glass, top with the soda water and garnish with a lime wedge.


A holiday spiced rum favourite: Bacardi Spiced Mule

Bacardi Spiced Mule

The previous two cocktails were all about embracing summer's refreshing, light flavours.

This drink brings in some of that traditional Christmas-sy flavours with the spiced rum and bitters while keeping it zesty and fun.

It’s a unique twist on the standard rum mule.



Step 1: Fill a mule glass with ice

Step 2: Combine Bacardi Spiced Rum, ginger beer and the bitters into a glass

Step 3: Stir and pour into the mule glass

Step 4: Garnish with a lime slice

A whisky twist: Aberfeldy Honey Highball

Aberfedly Honey highball

This cocktail is another quirky twist on a classic drink combination.

Based on the whisky highball, the Honey Highball uses chilled chamomile tea and honey to give it a rich, aromatic taste.

Just mix the listed ingredients together and garnish with lemon.


*Once tea is brewed, add 1tsp local honey and stir to dissolve before chilling.

If you love the booch: Don Rickey

This absolutely Aussie drink uses fruit Don Papa Rum and kombucha. Photo: Supplied

A ‘rickey’ is a classic cocktail that mixes a liqueur of choice with a zero-sugar drink, like soda water - a gin rickey is the most popular variation of this drink.

This absolutely Aussie drink uses fruit Don Papa Rum and kombucha - so in a way, it’s great for your gut health. Right?

Build the ingredients over ice and garnish.


Wino’s forever: Starlino Rosé Spritz

Starlino rose spritz

Another super-easy drink (just combine all ingredients over crushed ice and garnish) that celebrates a fruity pink liqueur and Australia’s most popular alcoholic beverage: wine.

This spritz is perfect for Christmas day breakfast, served with croissants and strawberries.


The classic cocktail: Bacardi Mojito

Bacardi mojito

You can never go wrong with a mojito.

With how refreshing they are, you’re sure to get a lot of requests for this drink if you’re playing bartender this summer.

Save yourself from being caught unaware - follow these easy instructions to make the perfect mojito.

Don’t forget the mint sprig!



Step 1: Take the lime wedges and squeeze them in the glass, gently press together the limes and sugar

Step 2: Add mint to glass, and press with bar spoon to release oil Step 3: Half fill the glass with crushed ice, add the Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum and churn

Step 4: Top with crushed ice and soda. Garnish with a mint sprig

For the connoisseur: ‘Rhuby Tuesday’ by Alex Boon at Melbourne’s Pearl Diver

Alex Boon posing with Rhuby Tuesday drink

This holiday period, Australia’s top bartenders have contributed their best recipes to make up the bumper hardback: Cocktails for Home Bartenders.

It’s the perfect Chrissie present for anyone who loves a bougie drink!

Try your hand at one of the featured recipes, the Rhuby Tuesday, that’s sweet, fruity and has the slightest bit of bite to it.



Step 1: Add all ingredients to a shaker with cubed ice and shake hard.

Step 2: Double strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

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