Beauty and the Geek star shocks with OnlyFans announcement

Just a few weeks after this year’s season of Beauty and the Geek came to an end, one of the show’s stars has announced that they’ve created an account on OnlyFans.

Emily Mccarthy, a 25-year-old flight attendant who was paired with Jason Mihalopoulos on the show, shared a post on Instagram last week revealing that she is the latest Australian reality TV star to join the adult subscription-based platform.

Beauty and the Geek star Emily Mccarthy.
Beauty and the Geek star Emily Mccarthy has announced that she’s joined OnlyFans. Photo: Channel Nine

“You should defs click the link in my bio,” she captioned a photo of herself sun baking on a towel wearing a skimpy bikini.

Emily’s co-stars were extremely supportive of her post-show venture, with the show’s runner-up Bri Auty commenting: “OK HONEY”

“DEFS WILL BE CLICKING THE LINK,” fellow Beauty Angelique Nguyen replied.


Sophie Taylor and Heidi Mitchell also shared the post on their Instagram Stories in an effort to promote Emily’s OnlyFans account with their followers.

“So so proud of my bestie!” Heidi wrote. “Go click the link guys, believe me, you do not wanna miss this”.

Emily currently charges subscribers $15 a month to view her account, which is the same as fellow reality TV stars Olivia Frazer, Domenica Calarco and Mitchell Eynaud.

Beauty and the Geek star Emily Mccarthy posing in a skimpy bikini.
Emily’s co-stars were extremely supportive of her post-show venture. Photo: Instagram/eeaassyymmaacc

Brooke Blurton’s OnlyFans account

Emily’s post comes shortly after former Bachelorette Brooke Blurton spoke openly with Yahoo Lifestyle about her thoughts on OnlyFans.

“I have an OnlyFans account, as in I watch other people,” she shared. “I just find it so intriguing. I’m interested, I’m curious, I can’t help that! I have to know! And, you know, I’m also gay so I love women's bodies and physiques, and if that's what it is, why not?”

Brooke went on to reveal if she would ever consider sharing her own content on the platform.

“To be honest, I've never been confident in myself to show that much,” she said.

“I know with OnlyFans there's not one way of doing it. Like Instagram, it’s a creative space for people to show themselves creatively or express themselves however they want to express themselves, and I feel like I’ve never been able to do that. So who knows!”

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