Weekend Sunrise hosts giggle through bizarre interview with surfing duck

Weekend Sunrise hosts Matt Doran and Monique Wright struggled to keep from laughing during a live interview with a 'celebrity duck' and its owner.

Kate Miller and Duck – yes the duck's name is Duck – joined the program on Saturday morning to talk about how the animal has become a local favourite on the Gold Coast for being able to surf, and much to the hosts' amusement, behaved perfectly well during the live cross as well.

sunrise hosts Matt Doran and Monique Wright
Matt Doran and Monique Wright couldn't hide their laughing during a recent interview. Photo: Channel 7

"Kate, this is the most amazing animal," Monique said, asking the owner how Duck managed to 'sit there' for the entire time without being fed.

"We don't feed him anything because we don't want a duck that begs for food like seagulls and irritates the neighbourhood," Kate explained.


She goes on to joke the hardest challenge is actually keeping Duck out of the water.

"He's just happy, he loves being out in the fresh air. He desperately wants to get in and go for a swim," she said, and as vision cut to show footage of Duck enjoying some time on his surfboard, both Matt and Monique could be heard giggling in the background while watching the clip.

Matt attempts to continue to interview asking about why Duck doesn't just fly away when he is surfing.

"He hasn't had his feathers cut. If he wished, Duck could get up and fly, but he chooses to surf, this is of his own free will," Matt said.

To which Kate said his 'undercarriage' was 'too heavy' for him to be able to fly away.

Sunrise hosts in stitches during live interview

It's the second time Matt Doran has had to try and curb the giggles, after he and fellow Sunrise host Nat Barr suffered a similar scenario recently during another live interview with an Aussie baker.

sunrise host nat barr laughing
Nat Barr recently suffered a similar scenario alongside Matt. Photo: Channel 7

Weatherman Sam Mac was interviewing Queensland baker Mick, when he asked if he enjoyed eating his own products. The baker's response had not only Sam, but also Natalie and Matt, unable to contain their laughter.

"Do you eat a lot of the products you make? Are you a bread and dough enthusiast and do you enjoy the baked goods?" Sam asked the baker as a final question.

"I do. I mean, seriously, have a look," he quipped, pointing to his own 'physique'.

The no holds barred response got a laugh from the usual funnyman Sam, who said: "What a legend" before throwing back to Nat and Matt in the studio.

The hosts though were in stitches, trying to contain their own laughter, with Nat responding: "Isn't he!"

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