The Bachelorette's Georgia Love shows off stunning transformation

Former Bachelorette star Georgia Love has shown off her dramatic new hair transformation in a series and snaps and videos over the last couple of weeks with fans loving her new look.

Taking to Instagram and TikTok, the 33-year-old shared a video of her ditching her brown locks in favour of copper.

Georgia Love new hair
Georgia Love has undergone a huge hair transformation, going from brown hair to copper. Photo: Instagram/Georgia Love

"Why should autumn leaves get to have all the fun?" she captioned the video of her transformation, adding the hashtag "#newhairwhodis".

"Oh god I hope my wife doesn’t find out!" Georgia's husband Lee Elliott joked.


"Omg LOVE the colour! So gorgeous," one follower wrote.

"Looking gorgeous! Love the new do," a second added, while a third said, "Makes your eyes pop! Gorgeous."

Georgia Love
Georgia's followers love her new look with many saying it's inspired them to try copper. Photo: Instagram/Georgia Love

Others were inspired by Georgia's change, with one person writing, "Love it! Hair inspiration. It may be time for a change for me!"

"Ahhhh am desperate to go copper next," another agreed.

'So much anger'

After a particularly rocky few months recently with the former reality star facing accusations of racism and the controversy surrounding a trip she and Lee took to Saudi Arabia, Georgia told Yahoo Lifestyle how she tries not to focus on the "negativity of the Internet".

When asked what advice her mum might have given her during this time Georgia told us, "I think the best advice probably any parent can give a child in this day and age is to you know, keep your head out of the Internet too much".

Georgia Love poses for a selfie
Georgia shared with us that she tries not to focus on the 'negativity of the Internet' after a particularly tough few months. Photo: Instagram/Georgia Love

"It's so easy to get bogged down in the negativity of the internet, let alone after the two years we've had with Covid. There's just so much anger and grief around and I think the most important thing we can do is to make sure we're leaning on those people around us. I know my mum definitely would always continue to give me that advice."

She continued, "Lean on the people that you know and love and those people who know you and know who you're actually about and try not to listen to the critics if they're only being critical, of course, there's learnings to be taken from everything in life even those things that are negative.

"But I think the most important thing that I have probably learned in my five years in the public eye has been just to really stop and remember what those people around you think and how you feel about yourself and not let the negative comments and trolls get to you too much – which is always easier said than done! I try to remind myself!"

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